• Kacper

    Context based fuzzy clustering of malware
    Organization: The Honeynet Project
    CuckooML will deliver a mechanism to find similarities between malware through analysing reports about them. Additionally, the software will be able...
  • Pallav Agarwal

    Continuous stabilization of Gentoo Packages
    Organization: Gentoo Foundation
    Gentoo is an operating system with extreme focus on configurability and performance. To provide fully customizable experience, without interfering...
  • Tyan Vladimir

    Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Tracking
    Organization: OpenCV
    Deep Learning (DL) and especially Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) has drawn a lot of attention in last few years. At present day CNN has been...
  • Upendra Kumar

    Core Python: A GUI (tkinter) front end for pip
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    PIP is currently a command line based package manager used to install and manage software packages written in Python. But, many users are not...
  • Anish Shah

    Core Python: Roundup
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The current Python's development process is very complicated for core developers. When an external contributor uploads a patch for a certain issue,...
  • gaurav_tamba

    Create a Ruby Wrapper for NASA's SPICE Toolkit
    Organization: Ruby Science Foundation
    NASA's SPICE toolkit is a collection of subroutines and functions designed to interpret and perform numerical computations on archived data returned...
  • hakatashi

    Create a sandbox interface for tests
    Organization: jQuery Foundation
    Testings of JavaScript application sometimes include modification of their own environment, such as global/native objects extensions and DOM...
  • Luciano

    Create new recommendation strategy for AppRecommender
    Organization: Debian Project
    This project aims at creating a new strategy for AppRecommender. The new approach would only be triggered when the user installs a new package....
  • Shivam Mamgain

    Create REST APIs to write data to the Open Event Organizer Server
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    Improve the current Open Event Organizer Server application. Write tests for existing models and views. Provide bug fixes and enhancements. Create...
  • Avijit Gupta

    Creator Dashboard
    Organization: Oppia Foundation
    Proposal for "Creator Dashboard" project
  • divyaupadhyay

    Crowdsourcing for the Guyana Deaf Community - Google Glass Integration
    Organization: Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community
    The Peace Corps have taken up the task of working with PCVs to educate the differently-abled students of Guyana who are unable to hear. The...
  • pabloem

    Cthulhu - Vitrivr Feature Extraction Pipeline
    Organization: vitrivr
    Cthulhu is a simple server-client-based job scheduler developed in Java; named after H.P. Lovecraft's part-octopus god (because it will be able to...
  • tocttou

    Organization: CloudCV
    The aim of this project is to create a framework that can help people create a web based demo out of their machine learning code and share it. Others...
  • DingTo

    Cycles: Texture system improvements and better user feedback
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    This project is about improving Cycles' texture system on CPU and GPU, by removing limitations and making it more memory efficient. Furthermore the...
  • kulluiitb

    Cycloidal rotor module improvements
    Organization: MBDyn, Department of Aerospace Science and Technology at Politecnico di Milano
    The cyclocopter module currently available in MBDyn models the inflow of a cycloidal rotor. It is however limited to 2D aerodynamics models;...
  • Ashish Tiwari

    Cytoscape command line scripting enhancements
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    Cytoscape is a general purpose, open source software platform for complex network data integration, analysis and visualization. Cytoscape’s core...
  • tdgunes

    DAG-based Rendering Pipelines for Terasology
    Organization: MovingBlocks
    DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) pipelines for Terasology, is an extensive refactor of the current rendering engine of Terasology. While refactors are...
  • wannabecitizen

    Data Visualization with Infusion
    Organization: Inclusive Design Institute
    This came from a project I pitched last year with Antranig Basman and Colin Clark. Our goal is to make public data sources accessible for analysis...
  • maarouf

    Data-Agnostic Visualization Widgets [Internet Monitor Dashboard]
    Organization: Berkman Center for Internet and Society
    At this stage, the data visualization widgets available in the Internet Monitor Dashboard are all pre-tailored, with the front and back-end closely...
  • KeonKim

    Dataset and Experimentation Tools
    Organization: mlpack: a scalable C++ machine learning library
    This GSoC project aims to develop a tool for managing dataset and experimenting the data. This project is important because most of the time used...
  • Kunal Jha

    DBpedia Lookup Improvements
    Organization: dbpediaspotlight
    DBpedia is one of the most extensive and most widely used knowledge base in over 125 languages. DBpedia Lookup is a tool that allows The DBpedia...
  • Peter Vu

    De-Mystifying Medical Imaging DICOM Data
    Organization: Biomedical Informatics, Emory University
    A lot of Medical Imaging data used and shared today is formatted using the DICOM standard. It can be collected and rendered into a Descriptive Data...
  • Yida Wang

    Deep Learning with Quantization for Semantic Saliency Detection
    Organization: OpenCV
    Semantic saliency detection be implemented based on CNN module. Quantization method described in Pete's blog for quantization will be added into...
  • Danoja

    Derby bug Fixing
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Derby is a Realational Database Management System that is implemented entirely in java. The Derby JIRA has collected the community's knowledge...
  • Nikos Koukis

    Design and developement of a full graph-based SLAM strategy in mrpt
    Organization: Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT)
    The proposal at hand describes the working plan for developing a graph-based SLAM algorithm using the mrpt toolkit in the following summer. The...
  • lopezm

    Design of an API and set up of a regression tracker for iterative methods in Julia
    Organization: The Julia Language
    This proposal consists of the design of an API for Iterative methods in Julia and the set up of benchmarks and a regression tracker.
  • Harsh Daftary

    Developer Horizon and other extensions
    Organization: Debian Project
    I propose to work for following projects for Google Summer of Code 16 under Debian. Continue the development of Developer Horizon project and...
  • Pavani Tripathi

    Developing RV32G Processor Model
    Organization: ArchC
    MPSoCBench developed by the ArchC team currently provides four ISA simulators namely ARM, PowerPC, MIPS and SPARC processor models. The ultimate goal...
  • Silvia Franceschi

    Development of a model for woody debris flooding hazard in gvSIG
    Organization: OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation
    In forested mountain landscapes wood can significantly increment the total flow volume during a flooding event. The presence of large wood on river...
  • bdhruve

    Devising the Plasma Mobile Emulator
    Organization: KDE
    In KDE's annual world summit Akademy, KDE had bring to light about the project of Plasma Mobile stating it will be unique-both the dominant mobile...
  • ricardohmon

    DevOps tooling for Vert.x applications
    Organization: Vert.x
    Vert.x is a powerful framework to build polyglot applications based on the Java Virtual Machine. It is very suitable for projects developed following...
  • Chathura

    DHIS - Tracker longitudinal Charting
    Organization: Health Information Systems Programme
    DHIS is one of the most popular open source health management information system/framework used by over 47 countries in the world including Sri...
  • Pralay Ramteke

    DHISReport DHIS2 WebAPI
    Organization: OpenMRS
    Automating the process of creating report definition XML by importing it from the DHIS2 implementation.
  • penguinRaider

    Diagnose my ceph cluster
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    The project aims to build a script that can be run very quickly and give the user best guess as to what was wrong with the running Ceph cluster and...
  • OmarAmin

    digiKam automatic Red Eyes detection and correction
    Organization: KDE
    digiKam includes a basic tool to fix red eyes in Image Editor. there is no automatic mode (detection and correction), which makes the process of...
  • Swati

    DigiKam MySQL/MariaDB Database Support
    Organization: KDE
    DigiKam is an advanced digital photo management application which enables user to view, manage, edit, organize, tag and share photographs under...
  • Riddhish Bhalodia

    DIPY: Automatic Denoising and Robust Brain Extraction
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    DIPY currently uses non-local means approach for denoising MR data, in which we need to estimate the noise variance of the signal which is often a...
  • ghoshbishakh

    DIPY: Developing a new DIPY website with interactive features
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    DIPY is a python toolbox for analysis of diffusion magnetic resonance imaging. Its website http://nipy.org/dipy/ acts as the source of information...
  • RobinKo

    Discovr: Streamlining statistical data analysis
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    The discovr package will enable a fast and efficient way to test the most common statistical analysis methods. It will therefore allow users to...
  • Alberto C.

    Disk Removal Safety Utility for Ceph
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    Using Ceph's JSON dump we can create a utility to help decipher whether or not a disk is safe to remove from within a Ceph cluster. Since Ceph...
  • Devansh T Shah

    Displaying SUBSURFACE features in the virtual world using NASA's WorldWind
    Organization: Portland State University
    Virtual worlds like Google Earth or NASA WorldWind do not show subsurface features with negative elevation. This projects aims to be a...
  • Borja

    Distributed Intermediate Tree Elimination in Lasp
    Organization: Beam Community
    Lasp computations are formed using a small subset of a functional language. In functional languages, it is very common to see intermediate lists—and,...
  • Asantha Thilina

    Document Based NoSQL Support for WSO2 Identity Server Database
    Organization: WSO2
    WSO2 Identity Server is the first Identity Server Bus in the industry which is capable of managing multiple user identities among applications, APIs,...
  • mortenpi

    Documentation tools for Julia
    Organization: The Julia Language
    A big part of Julia is its package ecosystem and their documentation should be as thorough as possible and documenting packages should be made as...
  • Chaitanya

    Dotplot Project Proposal
    Organization: Berkman Center for Internet and Society
    DotPlot is a web platform which enables users with little or no programming skills create data visualisations. The platform utilises D3.js JavaScript...
  • Felix Mulder

    Organization: Scala
    During the winter break I decided to give back to the Scala community. I re-built the entire documentation website and implemented a new search...
  • Krish

    Download app assets at runtime
    Organization: Mozilla
    Firefox for Android is one of the most widely used browsers. The team is currently involved in reducing the size of the Android Package - APK. As a...
  • abhivinj

    Downloading subtitles from various Internet TV services.
    Organization: CCExtractor Development
    The project deals with downloading of subtitles from popular online TV Services like Netflix, BBC, Amazon, Hulu. The project aims to perform this...
  • Samuel Richardson

    Drools Rules in Minecraft
    Organization: JBoss Community
    Drools and Java can work together. Java and Minecraft work together. The obvious next step is to get Drools and Minecraft to work together. The plan...
  • Vijay Nandwani

    Drupal 8 media solution module
    Organization: Drupal
    The aim of the project is to provide an overall Drupal 8 media module which would bundle the components and configurations of the existing...
  • WinterGrascph

    Dungeon Master
    Organization: ScummVM
    Dungeon Master, the grandfather of all dungeon crawlers, would be the very first RPG ported onto ScummVM and will enable for the fans, who grew up...
  • Rishabh Garg

    DVD Subtitles, CEA-708 completion and Example programs
    Organization: CCExtractor Development
    Currently CCExtractor has support for DVD Closed Caption. New DVDs contain DVD subtitles instead of the older DVD Closed Captions. This project aims...
  • Yan Xiao

    Dynamic Network Analysis in Rogas
    Organization: AOSSIE - The Australian National University's Open-Source Software Innovation and Education
    Developing a visualization tool that can visualize graphs dynamically, and designing dynamic analysis strategies that can provide a flexible and...
  • Ambroise Moreau

    Dynamic structured light in openCV
    Organization: OpenCV
    GSoc 2015 brought structured light to OpenCV and I would love to extend the module this year. Among all the available algorithms, phase-shifting...
  • bhargavvader

    Dynamic Topic Models - Gensim
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    Dynamic Topic Models are used to model the evolution of topics in a corpus, over time. The Dynamic Topic Model is part of a class of probabilistic...
  • Asco

    DynaPoint - A dynamic access point validator and creator for OpenWrt/LEDE
    Organization: Freifunk
    Find an easily configurable solution for making the wireless access ssid in OpenWrt/LEDE dependent on a set of network conditions.
  • Nikita

    Easier Project Model Management
    Organization: Sigmah
    The main objective of this project is to enhance the flexibility and versatility of Sigmah software to meet new requirements and satisfy user...
  • Jensen Jiang

    eBook Content Export
    Organization: Plone Foundation
    ftw.book add-on is aimed to help users to manage their content as a form of "Book", and provide a way for users to get a hard-copy of documents. The...
  • rnavagamuwa

    Eclipse CHE: Pair programming with Eclipse Che Cloud IDE
    Organization: Eclipse Foundation
    Nowadays people tend to work with cloud IDEs more than standalone IDEs. Simplified sharing mechanisms do a major role in cloud IDEs. Pair...
  • Martin Kloesch

    Eclipse EASE Jupyter Kernels
    Organization: Eclipse Foundation
    This Google Summer of Code proposal describes a project to create custom Jupyter kernels for the Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment's (EASE)...
  • addiittya

    Educational Plugin for Seraphimdroid
    Organization: OWASP Foundation
    Educating an amateur or an avid Android user with the threats they can face on their Droid and protecting it by building a Knowledge Base for...
  • Alexander Bokov

    Efficient dense optical flow
    Organization: OpenCV
    A very fast (up to 600Hz on 1 CPU core, excluding preprocessing) dense optical flow algorithm that outperforms the Farneback flow in terms of quality...
  • Serhii Beliablia

    Email Customizer and Rich-text support
    Organization: TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore
    Proposal is based on two project ideas: Notification engine for sending custom emails choosing re-usable templates with variables support Rich-text...
  • fraruca

    EMF Forms goes AngularJS: A web-based editor for UI schemata
    Organization: Eclipse Foundation
    The objective of this project is to make the creation of web forms easier and more accessible to non-programmers. By taking advantage of the...
  • hgabaldon

    EMF Forms goes AngularJS: Backend integration with OpenAPI
    Organization: Eclipse Foundation
    This project consists on integrating EMF Forms with OpenAPIs to automatically create web UIs that communicate with REST services.
  • abhishekp

    Enabling Cesium for Liquid Galaxy
    Organization: Liquid Galaxy Project
    Enabling other applications for Liquid Galaxy would greatly benefit the open source community, thereby nurturing the open source culture and...
  • CrisCristescu

    Enabling llvm’s self-hosted modules builds using libstdc++
    Organization: The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
    A Module System for C++ is on its way to the C++ standard. The current state of the Module System, although fairly stable, it has a few bugs for C++...
  • Matthias Reisinger

    Enabling Polyhedral Optimizations in Julia
    Organization: The Julia Language
    Julia is a dynamic programming language that, over the past few years, gained interest in the open-source community, especially in the field of...
  • vear91

    End-to-end Performance Visualization
    Organization: Ceph
    Abstract Tracing support with annotation-based traces is a promising approach to allow developers to get a view into the performance behavior of Ceph...
  • jooolia

    Enhance vignettes and plugin use for R package RCy3 for network manipulation using Cytoscape
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    Many scientists use networks to visualize complex relationships among species, people, cities, genes, proteins or other subjects. Cytoscape is...
  • Ana

    Enhance visitor experience of OSEM
    Organization: openSUSE
    The schedule of Events in OSEM would be the main part of the project. The admin interface to build the schedule page is a simple javascript which...
  • Muhammad Omer Saeed

    Enhanced Graph Plotting and General GUI Improvements in Prism
    Organization: PRISM Model Checker
    Prism is a tool for probabilistic model checking. It is categorized as a formal verification system tool for the modelling and analysis of systems...
  • Ganindu

    Enhanced Strategy Functionality for PRISM
    Organization: PRISM Model Checker
    Prism is a probabilistic model checker, by which, the users can model and analyse real time systems. Prism provides its own modelling language. A...
  • Peixuan Ding

    Enhanced User Management for GitHub Classroom
    Organization: GitHub
    Classroom for GitHub is a Ruby on Rails application designed to automate repository creation and access control, making it easy for teachers to...
  • cyhsutw

    Enhancements for GitHub Classroom
    Organization: GitHub
    In this project, I will work on improving the existing GitHub Classroom based on the current user feedback, such as building dashboards for teachers...
  • suheb

    Enhancements in the CLTK webapp
    Organization: Classical Language Toolkit
    The CLTK webapp aims to provide a modern reading environment for documents present in the CLTK corpora. This project aims to enhance the reading...
  • Harshit Dwivedi

    Enhancements to the FOSSAsia Open Event Android App
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    Enhancing the FOSSAsia Open Event Template to add new functionalities like Fixing app specific bugs (Random Force Close and similar errors),...
  • ankit_m

    Enhancing Language Learning using Mind the Word
    Organization: Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien
    The focus of my project is to make the process of learning a new language less intrusive for a user. This involves two primary changes to the...
  • aviaryan

    Enhancing Open Event Server
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    API to insert/update/delete data on server. Redesign/enhance web UI Authenticated review/rating system Reduce data redundancy Speaker login...
  • Misgana

    Ensemble Methods Support for WSO2 Machine Learner
    Organization: WSO2
    Ensemble methods combine predictions of base models in order to improve performance or generalizability over a single model. To this end, there are...
  • sugakandrey

    ENSIME Graphocalypse
    Organization: Scala
    ENSIME is an IDE feature provider, available for most popular text editors. Currently, it uses regular relational database with a Lucene full-text...
  • Ilya Zakharov

    Environment model specifications for more bugs to reveal
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    Static verification of Linux kernel modules has already helped to reveal hundreds of real bugs in Linux kernel device drivers. On practice software...
  • Yuanxun

    Ethernet Ring Protection Switching
    Organization: FreeBSD
    Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) provide sub-50ms protection and recovery switching for Ethernet traffic in a ring topology and at the same...
  • Erick Guan

    Eventhooks for Discourse
    Organization: Discourse
    I will build webhooks for Discourse. The webhook is a HTTP callback. It post the payload to external URL when an event happened. Technical...
  • Nicolas Del Piano

    Exact Solution Methods
    Organization: PRISM Model Checker
    Nowadays, most floating point computations are performed in double precision – with a mantissa of 53 bits. Nevertheless, depending on the application...
  • gjorgenson

    Expand the generic algebraic curve functionality in Sage
    Organization: Sage Mathematical Software System
    The aim of this project is to build on the functionality Sage has for algebraic curves. The primary topics for this expansion are intersection...
  • ananyo

    Expanded Q & A System for Publiclab.org
    Organization: Public Lab
    For a community driven website like Publiclab.org that deals with a large number of questions there should be a proper way so that Users can ask...
  • chanakya_vc

    Exposing The PRU as an I2C,SPI,UART device
    Organization: BeagleBoard.org
    Bitbanging an SPI or/an I2C device in Linux leads to a lot of problems.It consumes a lot of valuable CPU cycles.And since Linux is an...
  • JPenington

    Extempore - Live coding with simulation codes
    Organization: AOSSIE - The Australian National University's Open-Source Software Innovation and Education
    I will be using investigating the opportunities that Extempore provides in creating a more dynamic workflow for scientists programming simulation and...
  • nampi

    Extend communication outside the LAN
    Organization: Open Source Robotics Foundation
    This project will modify the core library to be able to communicate nodes located in different LANs. This will require to pass in an additional...
  • amtj

    Extend communication outside the LAN
    Organization: Open Source Robotics Foundation
    Right now, all the messages sent and received stayed on the same LAN. The goal of the project is to extend this functionality and allow other...
  • christopherZ

    Extended support for mean-payoff properties
    Organization: PRISM Model Checker
    In this project the multi-objective mean-payoff properties in Markov decision process are to be added into Prism, which is a probabilistic model...
  • Jouni Pentikäinen

    Extending animation features in Krita
    Organization: KDE
    This project aims to bring Krita's animation features to more types of layers and masks, as well as provide means to generate certain types of...
  • Zhaoyuan Zoe Xi

    Extending Cytoscape.js: Addition of Clustering Algorithms
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    Cytoscape.js is a graph theory and networks library focused on providing built-in, rich and performant graph models for analysis and data...
  • Anirudh Anand

    Extending language support and adding OWASP Top 10 challenges to Container Engine
    Organization: OWASP Foundation
    The project will implement the following features: Extended language support for container Engine: The current version of container engine can handle...
  • Tara

    Extending Matroid Theory functionality
    Organization: Sage Mathematical Software System
    The goal is to improve the functionality of the matroid package in terms of usefulness to researchers. In particular, we plan on the following. We...
  • kshitij10496

    Extending solveset
    Organization: SymPy
    Solving equation is a quintessential feature of any Computer Algebra System. And having the ability to solve a variety of equations, with accuracy,...
  • afromherz

    Extending SPF with handling of symbolic arrays, and implementing a replay module
    Organization: Java Pathfinder Team
    Symbolic Pathfinder (SPF) is an open-source symbolic execution tool, based on NASA Java Pathfinder (JPF) model checker, which is used in research and...
  • VicentiuM

    Extending the online tutorial of Céu with Emscripten and SDL
    Organization: LabLua
    I want to extend the tutorial offered by LabLua for the Ceu language. As it is, when you write code on their website and press submit, the code is...
  • Anguelos

    Extending the text module with deep Word-spotting CNN
    Organization: OpenCV
    This is a proposal for extending and improving the OpenCV text module. In brief I propose implementing word-level classification with deep CNN for...
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