The premier python-based open source CMS

Plone is a CMS that is based on Python, and uses an object-based storage (ZODB). It comes with enterprise-ready features, and has a strong emphasis on workflow and security. It is also a fully opensource (GPL2) project, with no single company driving it, but a whole ecosystem of smaller firms around the world.
It is in active use from the largest of corporations and government agencies with very high security requirements to universities with tens of thousands of users, yet is also successfully deployed by many small nonprofit organisations and businesses. Plone has evolved over the years and is a mature solution, with emphasis on code quality and tests. Yet there are also new developments; in the last years the front-end has received a complete overhaul to use more modern javascript techniques. Also, theming is cleanly implemented using just HTML/CSS and an XML ruleset. The Plone community is at the heart of Plone; usually friendly, and with deep knowledge of all issues regarding Content Management. The intellectual property of Plone rests with the Plone Foundation, a registered nonprofit Foundation that exists to promote and protect Plone.

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  • python
  • javascript
  • html/css


  • Web
  • content management
  • cms
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