Open Source Geospatial Foundation

OSGeo is a non-profit organization serving as an umbrella organization for the Open Source Geospatial community in general and several code projects in particular:

Web Mapping

deegree, geomajas, GeoMOOSE, GeoServer, Mapbender, MapFish, MapGuide Open Source, MapServer, OpenLayers

Desktop Applications


Geospatial Libraries


Metadata Catalogues

GeoNetwork, pycsw

Content Management Systems


Other Incubating Projects

istSOS, MetaCRS, Opticks, Orfeo ToolBox (OTB), PyWPS, Team Engine, ZOO-Project

Other (non-code) Projects

GeoForAll (Education and Curriculum), OSGeo-Live DVD, Public Geospatial Data

We host regional and international FOSS4G conferences with typical attendance of 500-1000+ geospatial developers, industry and government leaders, and researchers. Our mailing lists collectively go out to ~ 28,600 unique subscribers.

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  • c++
  • python
  • c
  • sql
  • java


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OSGeo 2017 Projects

  • Candan Eylül Kilsedar
    3D OSM Plugin API
    The goal of this project is to create a plugin API to display OpenStreetMap (OSM) data on NASA Web WorldWind...
  • Rajat Shinde
    Adding Audio/Video and SOS input support in the MapMint4ME
    MapMint4ME is an android application which allows its users to record alphanumeric data, photo and GPS locations. The data can be recorded even when...
  • Carlos I. Colombana
    Educational games add-on for gvSIG Batoví/Educa
    The main idea behind this project is to develop an add-on which allows to create/play educational games. Also generate documentation specially...
  • Zechariah Krautwurst
    GRASS GIS Locations Created From Public Data
    Novice GRASS GIS users often have difficulty with the complexities of re-formatting data, solving map projection issues, and working with centralized...
  • Maoguang Wang
    Implement Connected Components Algorithms for pgRouting by the Boost Graph Library
    Connected components algorithms are used to analyze graph and solve problems (like 2-satisfiability problem). There are three parts of connected...
  • Luka G.
    Improving IstSOS Web API and finalizing IstSOS Javascript Core Library
    My proposal consists of making some crucial changes (event handling, authentication...) to the IstSOS JavaScript core library, that will solve the...
  • Niroshan Bandara
    Integrating istSOS as a data store in MapMint
    The idea of integrating istSOS as a data store in MapMint is able to provide a platform for data visualization which can be used as near real time,...
  • Rodrigo Carvalho
    Integration of Bikeshare Information into an Open-source Transportation App
    The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) has revolutionized multi-modal information and open transit data. Started as a simple way to represent...
  • rahulworld
    istSOS-Data analysis and statistical tools suite
    istSOS has gone through a lot of improvements since 2009. This has somehow affected the simplified interaction with measurements and SOS service...
  • Simone Battaglia
    NASA WebWorldWind - MarkerCluster Plugin
    Creating a Marker Cluster Plugin for NASA Web World Wind with the following features: Clustering based on different algorithms Set a custom cluster...
  • Kevin Stadler
    QGIS Web API and remote control Plugin (for Notebook integration)
    The goal of this project is to create a QGIS Desktop plugin which provides a web service API that exposes QGIS' data processing and canvas drawing...
  • Vidhan Jain
    Rewrite for Turn Restricted Shortest Path Algorithm in PgRouting
    In graph theory, the shortest path problem is the problem of finding a path between two vertices (or nodes) in a graph such that the sum of the...
  • Ondřej Pešek
    SOS tools in GRASS GIS
    GRASS GIS doesn’t have any module to work with Sensor Observation Service (SOS). SOS is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard and it is useful...