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The Apache Software Foundation provides organizational, legal, and financial support for a broad range of open source software projects. The Foundation provides an established framework for intellectual property and financial contributions that simultaneously limits contributors potential legal exposure. Through a collaborative and meritocratic development process, Apache projects deliver enterprise-grade, freely available software products that attract large communities of users. The pragmatic Apache License makes it easy for all users, commercial and individual, to deploy Apache products.

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Apache Software Foundation 2017 Projects

  • Mirage
    Add Event Listeners to Data Objects and Implement Vote Based Locking
    Apache Gossip is a system which can be used to build a distributed peer-to-peer network using the gossip protocol. Currently Apache Gossip is under...
  • Buddhi Ayesha
    Add SQL support
    Apache Gearpump is a real-time big data streaming engine. It is inspired by recent advances in the Akka framework and a desire to improve on existing...
  • Sachin Patil
    Adding a new NoVNC console- CloudStack9778
    The aim of this feature is to make it possible to connect to VM consoles using VNC client called NoVNC in browsers.noVNC is an HTML 5-based remote...
  • Erandi Ganepola
    Apache -VXQUERY-180 (RESTful API)
    Apache VXQuery uses Hyracks and Algebricks open-source frameworks and provides a standards compliant XML Query processor implemented in Java to...
  • Nikhil Pawar
    Apache Fineract Credit Bureau Integration phase 2
    During Phase 1 of Credit Bureau Integration project, the focus was on Credit Bureaus from India region. Initial modifications were done in Loan and...
  • Imesha Sudasingha
    Apache OODT : Rework OODT configuration to make use of Zookeeper for distributed configuration management
    Since OODT consists of different components like file manager, resource manager and work flow manager, all those components have their own...
  • Riyafa Abdul Hameed
    ASTERIXDB-1371 Support the standard GIS objects
    Apache AsterixDB is a scalable, open source Big Data Management System (BDMS). It currently supports many data types in the Asterix Data Model (ADM)....
  • Sai Krishna Kalyan
    Automate performance testing and reporting
    Currently the performance tests are only semi-automated and only a subset of algorithms are included, but largely the process is manual. An automatic...
  • Sneha Tilak
    Database Versioning in Apache Airavata
    Considering Airavata, which has multiple developers contributing to the project, there is bound to be a situation where the databases and the data...
  • A. S. Aditya Sarma
    DBSCAN Clustering in Mahout
    Clustering is an important Data Mining technique with wide applications in Medicine, Biology, Social Network Analysis, Image Segmentation just to...
  • Harshvardhan Gupta
    DERBY-6921 How good is the Derby Query Optimizer, really
    Query Optimization is an active field of research in the Database Research Community, researchers have spent significant time and resources studying...
  • apalkar
    Distributed Workload Management
    Apache Airavata is a framework that allows users to manage and execute multiple tasks using distributed computing techniques in the cloud. A core...
  • Sanyam Goel
    Fineract REST API "Live" - Swagger
    Mifos (Fineract) has a documented REST API already. It currently has two limitations: It's source is simply a HTML file that is maintained manually...
  • Nishadi Kirielle
    Implement Aerospike Datastore
    Apache Gora currently supports for persisting objects to various database models such as column stores like Apache Hbase, Apache Cassandra and key...
  • Christina Pavlopoulou
    Improving Lucene Indexing on Apache VXQuery
    This proposal aims to introduce indexing as a way to speed up XML query evaluation. In XML, due to the complexity of tree structures, a wide range of...
  • Rajan Maurya
    Mobile Field Officer App on Apache Fineract Version 2.0
    Fineract version 1.0 was based on the client server architecture. Now Mifos is moving one step forward and is going to releasing Gen 3/Fineract...
  • Omkar Reddy Gojala
    NUTCH-2369 Create a new GraphGenerator Tool for writing Nutch Records as a Full Web Graph.
    Currently Apache Nutch has the concept of a WebGraph which builds Web graphs, performs a stable convergent link-analysis, and updates the crawldb...
  • Sisinda Dinusha
    Port Apache SIS to Android
    Porting task of SIS library to Android with possible alternatives for the technologies which are not compatible with Android.
  • Gustavo Mora
    Port Marmotta to Eclipse RDF4J
    Apache Marmotta has become one of the most prominent projects within the open source community of Linked Data. It brings together the standards of...
  • Madhawa Gunasekara
    Rewrite Cassandra Module in Apache Gora to support CQL
    gora cassandra module is written based on thrift connector, but new Cassandra servers don't support thrift connectors, therefore this module is...
  • Siddhesh Rane
    SIS JavaFX Front End
    Apache SIS is a library for handling geospatial data. This project aims to create a JavaFX app that will expose the features of this library. The...
  • Seokchan Ahn
    Support advanced features of resource managers
    Summary This project aims to implement Node Labeling and Preemption API, which are existing feature of resource managers, on REEF. Node Labels allow...
  • Thejan Wijesinghe
    Supporting Image-to-Text (Image Captioning) in Tika for Image MIME Types
    Image captions are a small piece of text, usually of one line, added to the metadata of images to provide a brief summary of the scenery in the...