Crowdsourcing the future Internet

Finding the successor of TCP/IP is the ultimate goal of our project. To do so, we have developed a new protocol stack, XIA. To reach our ultimate goal, we are both refining our codebase and working to meet unfulfilled demands of real-world networking. For example, our current short-term goal is to develop a DDoS protection system, which we expect to deploy in production by the end of 2017. At the same time, we are adding state-of-the-art algorithms and data structures to increase the speed and flexibility of XIA. We hope that this iterative refinement will make XIA an enticing choice for the future of networking.

The XIA project was established in 2010 as a collaboration between Boston University (BU), Carnegie Mellon University, University of Wisconsin - Madison, and Duke University. Linux XIA, the native implementation of XIA in the Linux kernel, became a project member of Software Freedom Conservancy in 2016.

Our previous GSoC students have taken advantage of the advanced knowledge they acquired to go on to graduate schools, to become some of our GSoC mentors, and to continue supporting free software. Pursuing GSoC with the Linux XIA team at BU could be a great way for you to acquire advanced skills and build connections towards a strong application to the Masters or Ph.D. program at the Computer Science department of Boston University.

The projects in our ideas list cater to students who are proficient in C programming and comfortable with advanced data structures.

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  • xia
  • linux kernel
  • c
  • advanced data structures


  • Cloud
  • computer networking
  • future internet architecture
  • research
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Boston University / XIA 2017 Projects

  • Nishanth Devarajan
    Gatekeeper Priority Queue Implementation in the Linux Kernel and tc(8) Userspace
    In this proposal, I describe my plan to adapt Gatekeeper’s priority to the Linux kernel in context of traffic control and QoS. Gatekeeper is an open...
  • sdk2k17
    Implementing the Ethernet principal
    I have been under the guidance of XIA mentors since 3 months and have put in all my knowledge necessary to the project in my proposal.Hope i am up to...