A team of volunteers, believing in the power of open source multimedia.

The VideoLAN project is lead and composed of a team of volunteers, that believes in the power of open source when dealing with multimedia.

We are known for developing and publishing the widely used VLC media player playing almost everything everywhere. Additionally, we provide advanced tools for multimedia processing as well as libraries for use in third party applications.

Our latest addition to our cone family is the VideoLAN Movie Creator, a non-linear movie editor based on VLC technology and in the spotlight of this year's GSoC participation alongside interesting ports to embedded and mobile devices.

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  • c++
  • c
  • opengl
  • qt
  • assembly


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VideoLAN 2017 Projects

  • Mohammed Huzaifa
    Adding 3D support
    I plan to add support for various 3D video formats to libVLC.
  • Diogo Silva
    Cloud Storage integration
    VLC wants to access cloud services using a library libcloudstorage that is not integrated anywhere in libVLC. This integration will allow it to be...
  • Shaleen Jain
    Fuzz testing libVLC with LibFuzzer
    Test libVLC internal modules with various input using LibFuzzer which is a library for coverage-guided fuzz testing for exposing various bugs,...
  • Soomin Lee
    iOS: Medialibrary port
    Overview The medialibrary(MediaLibraryKit) available for the Apple platform’s such as iOS, macOS, and tvOS is quite old and limited. However, the...
  • ePirat
    macOS interface redesign
    The goal of this project is to bring the macOS interface of VLC Media Player to an easier to maintain state and improve the overall design of it, to...
  • Yikai Lu
    Media Workflow rework and a remote UI
    Through refactoring the rendering, workflow and UI classes, we will have a better structure of the software, which will make easier to implement a...
  • stargazer180
    Modern Look For VLC Web UI
    My proposal is for the modernization of the Web UI of VLC player using Vue.js
  • Marko Mohsen Younan
    Videolan application updater
    The project meant to build a smart updating system.The system is composed of a client module responsible for update management (for example VLC) ,...
  • ToddShepard
    VLC crashes server
    The aim of this project is to make a breakpad server for VLC and other VideoLAN projects, similar to Socorro from Mozilla.