SCoRe has conducted research covering various aspects of Security, Mobile & IOT.

The Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe) at UCSC has conducted research covering various aspects of wireless sensor networks, embedded systems, digital forensic, information security, mobile applications and e-learning. The goal of our research is to generate computing solutions through identifying low-cost methodologies and strategies that lead to sustainability​.

At present, the SCoRe group is at a stage of its evolution in which it has been able to secure high donor confidence as evidenced by no less than 5 simultaneous foreign funded projects underway since 2005. SCoRe group has been a pioneer in cooperating with Internet Society (ISOC), Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Sida)/The Department for Research Cooperation (SAREC), The Swedish Program for Information and Communication Technology in Developing Regions (Spider) and Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF) in the area of computer science by establishing several interesting ICT research projects. These projects are considered to be the benchmarks of such projects in the World.

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  • python
  • java
  • gcp
  • android
  • golan


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Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe ) 2017 Projects

  • Kaveesha Baddage
    Bassa - Dockerize and modify features.
    Bassa is an automated download queue which tries to minimize bandwidth wastage. It solves the problem of wasting internet bandwidth by queuing...
  • Yasanka Horawalavithana
    BellyDynamic: A scalable data structure to handle online and offline dynamic graph objects
    A social network evolves over time through the creation or deletion of ties among a set of actors.The volatile nature of social ties provides a...
  • A ground station tool for monitor the locations of various kind of drones. Increase flying range with monitoring through this system. Uniquely...
  • Amila Karunathilaka
    Drone Comm
    Drone Comm is community platform which is help to meet drone onwers and drone required people. using this platform drone required people can request...
  • The proposal outlines the approach and a tentative technological architecture of the solution I'm expecting to implement under the GSoC project idea...
  • Tharidu Fernando
    EtherBeat - Smart Contract Monitoring Service
    With the growing popularity of BitCoin in the last couple of years, other blockchains have been in development for solving various problems that need...
  • Pratik Dhanave
    gocloud is a standard library for Go that abstracts away differences among multiple cloud providers. The gocloud compute package is designed to make...
  • Lasith Niroshan
    Implementing an Android application for controlling Drones (DronePilot)
    This is a project that is intended to support Public Health Inspector (PHI) to find and investigate “Dengue(mosquito) breeding sites in a given...
  • Nipun Arora
    Kute-Android app-A vehicle pooling solution
    An app that allows users to pool vehicles during their daily up-down trips or other trips,this draft includes a smart algorithmic approach to...
  • Rajika Abeyrathne
    NodeCloud - unified API for cloud providers
    NodeCloud is an easy to use abstract API which will remove the burden of switching in between many libraries to use cloud related APIs. NodeCloud is...
  • Shehan Weerakkody
    OpenDF - Image annotation and describe module
    Nowadays, digital forensic tools are often used to investigate cyber crimes, which are becoming more and more frequent. OpenDF is a tool for forensic...
  • Priya Pappachan
    OpenIoE - Implement bidirectional publish-subscribe behaviour
    OpenIoE is an open source project capable of retrieving and storing data from sensors with a web frontend to monitor and manage this sensor data. ...
  • Achinthya
    OpenPub Publication Manager
    OpenPub is a publication manager for individuals and small research groups. OpenPub provides research's to upload and share their’s publications with...
  • Kavindi
    Query parser for Senze language
    In MySensors platform the application communicate each other using Senzes language. At the moment there are no proper mechanism to generate and...
  • Pasan Ranathunga
    Rewriting OpenDF frontend using React
    Goal of this project is to rewrite the current OpenDF frontend using React and make the UI fully component based . Also will use ES6, SCSS and Gulp...
  • Pasan Gamaetige
    Stackle is an web communication portal aimed at providing Open Source organizations a platform to have discussions on their GitHub projects and their...