Java/GWT platform for humanitarian project management

Sigmah software Sigmah is open source software for the shared management of international aid projects. The software is simple, flexible and intuitive and allows each organisation to organize its own work methods, and thereby improve the quality of its programmes. Sigmah is the result of a participatory project facilitated by a group of organisations from the sector. Using Groupe URD’s expertise and that of our technical and voluntary partners, Steering Cooperative members are able to develop the Sigmah software in order to address expressed needs. Sigmah software is a common asset which is made available to everyone.

Sigmah is a big Java/GWT application.

Groupe URD Groupe URD ( is a not-for-profit French organization aiming to help the humanitarian sector to improve its practices. One of our means among many to achieve this goal is through the use of software to make humanitarian organizations more efficient and more able to structure their work. Sigmah project is our main and almost single software project for the sector.

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  • gwt
  • java
  • postgresql


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Sigmah 2017 Projects

    Easier project model management
    Most appealing for me: Project idea#2: Easier project model management. I am already familiar with customer requirements related to the idea. The...
  • Aditya Adhikary
    Full-text search of database text and files, enforcing ACLs and search contexts.
    Sigmah has a lot of database text content that can be indexed and searched by keywords, providing a useful capability to users to fetch the actual...