Umbrella for various projects around open source hardware and tools

We are a group of developers and open hardware enthusiasts from the open source silicon community, that formed the FOSSi Foundation. It is a non-profit foundation with the mission to promote and assist free and open digital hardware designs and their related ecosystems. The FOSSi Foundation operates as an open, inclusive, vendor-independent community.

Our goal is to promote and assist free and open digital hardware designs and their ecosystem. Such hardware designs can for example be single "IP blocks" or entire system-on-chip (SoC). Our vision is that there will be multiple open source chips in the next years. Our main effort is our community hub website

Beside single components and entire SoCs, we see open source Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools as a crucial for the advance of FOSSi. We therefore encourage and support open source synthesis tools, simulators and system generators, just to mention a few.

With those activities we are steadily working on advancing FOSSi and make it the next success after Open Source Software and (tangible) Open Source Hardware. We are open to proposals that help us getting in the direction of "open source chips". Please find a list of a few ideas, and we highly encourage you to think beyond that.

Google Summer of Code students are invited to present and demonstrate their projects at our annual conference with 100-200 attendants, which is held in Hebden Bridge, UK, on September 8-10.

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Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation 2017 Projects

  • hatim
    EDSAC Museum on FPGA
    Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator (EDSAC) is a first generation British computer commissioned in 1949. It was built by Maurice Wilkes and...
  • Pedro Henrique Penna
    Integration of OpenRISC Linux Port into OpTiMSoC
    Open Tiled Manycore System-on-Chip (OpTiMSoC) is an open-source framework that allows one to design and prototype manycore-based platforms on FPGA...
  • Amitosh Swain Mahapatra
    Quality metrics for projects listed on lists free and open source "IP Cores" on the website for the community to view and use. Currently the website extracts the project...
  • kritik bhimani
    Updating Sodor
    Update riscv-sodor currently implemented in Chisel2 to Chisel3 along with that also update Privilege ISA Spec it complies to from 1.7 to 1.10 and...