A reasonably secure operating system

Qubes OS is a security and privacy-focused free and open source operating system that provides a safe platform for communication and information management.

Its architecture is built to enable a user to define different security environments on their computer and visually manage their interaction with each other, integrating their favorite applications from Debian, Fedora, and even Windows. Its robust control of networking enables the user to define the networking status of any domain or application, from airgapped/non-networked to routing through VPNs or the Tor anonymity network thanks to built-in Whonix integration.

From network-level protections to software-level protections, as well as protections against firmware and physical attacks, Qubes OS is trying to protect the user from the most significant attacks they can encounter, so that they can get their work done, safely.

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  • c
  • python
  • shell
  • xen
  • linux


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Qubes OS 2017 Projects

  • Patrik Hagara
    Making Anti Evil Maid protection of Qubes OS resistant against shoulder surfing and video surveillance
    Observing the user during early boot should not be sufficient to defeat the protection offered by Anti Evil Maid (AEM). Using time based one-time...
  • Andrew Morgan
    Qubes MIME Handlers
    Current State Users are required to manually open untrusted files through a right-click dialog each time they want to access them in a Disposable...