The IDEs of Python. Tools for cross-platform Python application development.

The IDEs of Python

Python has proven itself as a highly capable language - approachable for newcomers, but powerful in the hands of experts. The BeeWare Project aims to take the power of Python as a language, and use it to enable users of all skill levels to develop applications with native user interfaces; to do for mobile and desktop user-facing software the same thing that Django has done for web software. This means giving users a set of tools and libraries that enables them to develop rich, native user interfaces, and deploy them to their devices, including:

  • Tools to enable Python to run on different devices,
  • Tools to package a Python project so it can run on those devices,
  • Libraries to access the native capabilities of devices,
  • Tools to help develop, debug, and deploy these projects.

Python native

If Python isn't available as a first-class option on a platform, we'll do whatever is necessary to make Python available as a development language. And when we have the opportunity to embrace Python idiom for an API or a design, we're going to do just that.

Platform native

It's easy to use themes to achieve cross-platform. However, it's easy to spot apps that have been built using themes - they're the ones that don't behave quite like any other app. BeeWare uses native widgets and native functionality, rather than using a theme-based approach to application development. We also distribute our tools and libraries using platform-native distribution channels, such as app stores.

More than just code

We're not just about software, though. We also aim to be a project with a social conscience. We aim to develop and maintain a diverse and inclusive community, and we have a Code of Conduct that is rigorously enforced. We also aspire to develop a healthy and sustainable community - one that is aware of mental health issues of its participants, and provides the resources for people to start engaging, and continue to engage with the community.

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