Tools for a subtitled world.

Whether it's because you are learning a new language, have hearing problems or just at a loud place, subtitles are an essential part of enjoying TV and movies for a a lot of people. There's plenty of tools to manage audio/video, but it comes to subtitles, the few tools that exist are closed source and extremely expensive. CCExtractor is the one tool that is free, portable, open source and community managed that can take a recording from a TV show and generate an external subtitle file for it. If you regularly watch content with subtitles you download from fan sites - you should know that the source file is most likely generated by CCExtractor. If you are a student in a university that uses subtitles for natural language study, you should know that most likely we are involved somehow. While we already support subtitles from North America, Europe, Australia and more, our world map is not yet complete. We are actively looking for students that want to help us fill the gaps. We also want to automate many of the processes that are currently done manually, such as achieving perfect sync, or word by word (karaoke like) sync.

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  • c
  • python
  • raspberry pi
  • linux
  • visual studio


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