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Liquid Galaxy is a remarkably compelling panoramic display system. As an immersive visualization tool it breaks new ground by using commodity-off-the-shelf hardware. Applications that have been enabled for Liquid Galaxy include Google Earth, Street View, Second Life, CesiumJS, World Wide Telescope, MPlayer and several game engines. The goal of this Summer of Code project is to further extend the capabilities of this environment using open source software and tools.

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  • javascript
  • ros
  • gis
  • cesiumjs


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Liquid Galaxy Project 2017 Projects

  • Ivan Josa Llovera
    Fly Over Your Big Data
    The aim this project is to develop a system that, making use of the Liquid Galaxy capacity to display information over an interactive map obtained...
  • Javier Calvo GarcĂ­a
    SAVT (Smart Agro Visualization Tool)
    SAVT will be a software engine to visualize data of crop fields to Liquid Galaxy, allowing you to track his state. This image data, collected by...
  • Guillem Barbosa
    Wikimedia Data Liquid Galaxy
    Mainly the project has the purpose of showing some data in Liquid Galaxy (different options to choose by the user). The presentation will be so...