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The goal of the Mixxx project is to build a stable, cross-platform, open source DJ mixing application suitable for amateur and live professional use. We are a friendly (and quirky!) community of DJs, artists, and programmers working together towards this goal. Mixxx began as one of the earliest digital DJ solutions in 2001 and as a result has attracted a large worldwide userbase. Our continuing mission is to provide these users with an open source DJ application with features that rival and lead proprietary commercial solutions such as Traktor, Serato, and Virtual DJ.

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  • qt
  • c++
  • c++11
  • midi
  • hid


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Mixxx DJ Software 2017 Projects

  • gramanas
    Crate Enhancements
    -Create hierarchical structured crates [] -Add search filters...
  • Palakis
    Multi-broadcasting for Mixxx
    Implement several features potentially useful for users willing to broadcast live with Mixxx : Saving server credentials and connection info in one...