& LibreCAD, OpenSCAD, STEPcode, LinuxCNC, FreeCAD, & Slic3r! Computer Graphics.

This is the place to be if you want to work on computer graphics, 3D printing, 2D and 3D geometry, solid modeling, CAx (CAD/CAM/CAE/etc), visualization, or high-performance computing. BRL-CAD is participating as an umbrella organization with several other open source computer-aided technologies (CAx):

  • BRL-CAD for 3D solid modeling, ray tracing, and geometric analysis.
  • LibreCAD for 2D, specializing in blueprint-style drawings and draftings.
  • OpenSCAD for programmable 3D CAD geometry.
  • STEPcode for parsing the complex STEP geometry file format.
  • FreeCAD for parametric modeling with engineering functionality.
  • Slic3r for generating printing instructions for 3D printers.
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  • c/c++
  • opencl
  • python
  • javascript
  • qt


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