Python is a programming language used by scientists & software developers alike.

Python is a popular high-level programming language used by scientists, developers, and many others who want to work more quickly and integrate systems more effectively. The Python Software Foundation serves as an umbrella organization to a variety of Python-related projects, as well as sponsoring projects related to the development of the Python language.

This signed-up year's sub-orgs are:

  • Core Python (CPython, its standard library, and its infrastructure.)
  • GNU Mailman (Mailing list manager)
  • HYDRA W3C Group (middleware for smart clients and machine learning)
  • The Italian Mars Society (test bed for missions to Mars)
  • Jython (Python for the Java platform. )
  • Kivy Organization (library for innovative user interfaces)
  • Mercurial (free, distributed source control management tool)
  • MNE-Python (processing electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) data)
  • MyHDL (hardware description with Python)
  • Peragro (a centralized asset server to ease collaboration between artists)
  • Pylons Project (Pyramid web framework and related projects)
  • PyPy (fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python language)
  • PySAL (Python Spatial Analysis Library)
  • scikit-learn (Python module for machine learning)
  • SciPy (library that provides fundamental routines for scientific computing)
  • ScrapingHub (web crawling and data processing)
  • Statsmodels (data analysis, statistics and econometrics)
  • Theano (optimizing compiler for numpy.ndarray and scipy.sparse matrix)
  • Timelab (time series analysis for astronomy, to study the variability in black hole emission)
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Python Software Foundation 2017 Projects

  • Vikram Nitin
    Adding more types of Convolution Operations
    The convolution operation is a core part of the Theano code base. Several variants of the basic convolution operation exist, and more are always...
  • Pradyun Gedam
    Adding Proper Dependency Resolution to pip
    pip does not resolve dependencies correctly when there are conflicting requirements. The lack of dependency resolution has caused hard-to-diagnose...
  • João Victor Risso
    Extend usage of optimized GPU libraries in Theano
    The goal of this project is to integrate and implement functions from libraries that are optimized to take advantage of modern GPUs into Theano. I...
  • Omar Hammad
    Faster Stingray
    My proposal is about going through the library's essential files, conducting performance tests. Identifying bottlenecks. Documenting all the analysis...
  • xadahiya
    Hydrus and a Simulation to demonstrate the capabilities of the Hydra Draft
    The proposed project is to create a set of Python based tools for easier and efficient creation of Hypermedia driven REST-APIs. The other part is an...
  • Chris Andrew
    Hydrus: A Hydra based server and ‘smart’ client to demonstrate the Hydra draft
    The project is a demo for the Hydra draft proposed by the W3C. It aims to build a smart client and server that is able to exchange information in an...
  • Ras-al-Ghul
    Italian Mars Society (IMS): Biometric Signal Sensor’s Interface
    This project covers the development of a Tango Control’s Device Server(s) for the purpose of reading and configuring biometric signal sensors. Phase...
  • Abhijith C
    When astronauts travels to Mars, or even other planets, they will be exposed to a number of hazards e.g. radiation, microbes in the spacecraft,...
  • Vishnu Teja Yalakuntla
    Italian Mars Society(IMS): Vision based Terrain Traversability Estimation for Planetary Robots and Astronauts
    Implementing a vision based terrain traversability estimator for planetary rovers and astronauts to eliminate heavy hardware used in current...
  • Trailblazer
    Italian Mars Society: Space Weather Monitoring for A Virtual Reality Simulation of A Martian Settlement
    Radiation is the transmission of energy in the form of waves or sub-atomic particles.In space missions the major concern is the particle...
  • Stefan Richthofer
    Jython: Develop Windows version of JyNI and ideally support all extensions currently workable on POSIX (e.g. ctypes, NumPy)
    JyNI is a compatibility layer with the goal to enable Jython to use native CPython extensions like NumPy or SciPy. So far it was developed on Linux...
  • Sumit Madhwani
    Kivy: Plyer, a platform-independent API
    This proposal is based on description of Plyer, one of the sister projects provided by Kivy Organization. The goal of the project will be to extend...
  • Ján Jančár
    Mailman: Encrypted lists
    This project aims to design and implement support for encrypted mailing lists into GNU Mailman using PGP/MIME and GNUPG.
  • Evgeny Zhurko
    Maximum Likelihood Estimation for count data
    The goal of this project is to implement maximum likelihood models for different distribution. Each model require log-likelihood function, first and...
  • Rishabh Madan
    Mercurial: Release notes Extension
    The project is about building an extension for tagging commits with a release note area which can be used to produce release notes and can be...
  • britta-wstnr
    MNE-Python: Hilbert beamformer for source reconstruction of neural oscillations
    Beamforming is among the most widely used source localization techniques for MEG and EEG data in neuroscience. This project aims at porting an...
  • qrqiuren
    MyHDL: Fixed-point Compiler
    This project is aimed to provide a fixed point compiler backend for the fixbv type defined in MEP-111 of MyHDL project. When the project finishes,...
  • slietzau
    New module for the creation of spectra for TARDIS
    The goal of this project is to finish the implementation of the formal integral approach for generating spectra which was started during last years...
  • aleks_
    PySAL: Explicitly spatial unsupervised learning (regionalization)
    clusterpy is a Python module which offers various clustering algorithms. The goal of this project is to make these algorithms easily usable together...
  • Vaibhav Gupta (vg3095)
    Reading Simulation from file
    Currently , Tardis has the capability to store the state of model to an HDF5 file. This project , is mainly concerned , to be able to restore that...
  • Ira Lun
    Rework and fix WebOb’s handling of HTTP Accept headers
    This is a proposal to rework and fix WebOb's handling of HTTP Accept, Accept-Language, and (if necessary) Accept-Charset and Accept-Encoding headers;...
  • Antônio Horta Ribeiro
    Scipy: Large-scale Constrained Optimization
    The project consists of implementing in Scipy an interior-point method for nonlinear problems. The main goal is to implement a constrained...
  • Sarthak Madaan
    Scrapinghub (dateparser) : Integrate unicode CLDR database with dateparser
    Currently dateparser supports parsing in some languages and the data used for conversion has been contributed by the community. However the languages...
  • Elena Zakharova
    ScrapingHub: adding the support for finding and parsing dates in the large texts to dateparser
    Implement a function which will receive a text and return tuples of found date substrings and parsed datetime objects for languages currently...
  • Parth-Vader
    Scrapy benchmarking suite
    I intend to work on the scrapy benchmarking suite project. I would like to create benchmarks that reflect real-life cases as well as...
  • Jarvis Miller
    Statsmodels: Survey methods and adding weights to existing methods
    This project aims to provide support for survey methods in StatsModels. In particular, survey summary statistics, adding probability weighting to...
  • Sagar Kohli
    Sub org: Peragro :- Implementation of plug-in for audio feature extraction.
    Peragro-at has a plug-in system that searches for an appropriate plug-in that can analyze or transcode a given file. One of my major work this summer...
  • Mohammed Affan
    Theano:Add more convolution operations and update meta-optimizer
    This proposal will add more convolution operations to aid the users rather than implementing these operations on their own.These operations would be...
  • Haroon Rashid
    Timelab Technologies : A library of Time Series Methods
    Library of Time Series Methods aims to implement various time series methods for astronomical X-ray data. A lot of data is being collected by X-ray...