PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system.

PostgreSQL's architecture has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness. It runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Mac OS X, Solaris, Tru64), and Windows. It is fully ACID compliant, has full support for foreign keys, joins, views, triggers, and stored procedures (in multiple languages). It includes most SQL:2008 data types, including INTEGER, NUMERIC, BOOLEAN, CHAR, VARCHAR, DATE, INTERVAL, and TIMESTAMP. It also supports storage of binary large objects, including pictures, sounds, or video. It has native programming interfaces for C/C++, Java, .Net, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, ODBC, among others, and exceptional documentation. An enterprise class database, PostgreSQL boasts sophisticated features such as Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC), point in time recovery, tablespaces, asynchronous replication, nested transactions (savepoints), online/hot backups, a sophisticated query planner/optimizer, and write ahead logging for fault tolerance. It supports international character sets, multibyte character encodings, Unicode, and it is locale-aware for sorting, case-sensitivity, and formatting. It is highly scalable both in the sheer quantity of data it can manage and in the number of concurrent users it can accommodate. There are active PostgreSQL systems in production environments that manage in excess of 30 terabytes of data.
PostgreSQL has won praise from its users and industry recognition, including the Linux New Media Award for Best Database System and five time winner of the The Linux Journal Editors' Choice Award for best DBMS.

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PostgreSQL 2017 Projects

  • Alexey Kondratov
    Add errors handling and parallel execution to COPY
    Using PostgreSQL (PG) on the daily basis for years I found that there are some use-cases when you need to load (e.g. for a further analytics) a bunch...
  • Mengxing Liu
    Eliminate O(N^2) scaling from rw-conflict tracking in serializable transactions
    To provide strict serializable isolation among transactions, PostgreSQL needs to track read-write conflicts (rw-conflicts for short in the following...
  • Shubham Barai
    Explicitly support predicate locks in index AMs besides btree
    Currently, only B+-trees support page level predicate locking.For other indexes, it acquires relation level lock which can lead to unnecessary...
  • Mark Rofail
    Foreign Keys for Array Elements
    My proposal is to target the performance issue regarding the foreign keys for the array index. Any UPDATE or DELETE statement on a Primary Key table...