GNU is an operating system that is free software

The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete Unix-like operating system which is entirely free software: the GNU system.

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The GNU Project 2017 Projects

  • rootkea
    [GNU Wget] Design and implementation of statistics module
    At the end of the project, the following objectives should be met: host-based statistics are maintained and presented to user when asked to do so...
  • Didik Setiawan
    [GNU Wget] Design and Implementation of Test Suite Using Libmicrohttpd
    At the end of the project, the following objectives should be met: Wget2 will use Libmicrohttpd, a small but powerful C library of HTTP server code,...
  • theiostream
    GNUstep - Make WebCore run on top of GNUstep
    A longstanding problem in the GNUstep stack has been the absence of a web browser, due to the lack of a modern and feature-complete backing web...
  • reepca
    Guix rewrite build daemon in Guile Scheme
    This project proposes to replace the existing C++ guix-daemon with one implemented in Guile Scheme, for purposes of hackability and unity of code...
  • Tom Bousso
    Improving Kawa's gnu.bytecode using ObjectWeb ASM
    The goal of this project is to improve the gnu.bytecode library by creating a version of it which uses ObjectWeb ASM to generate classfiles, rather...
  • Charles Winston
    Improving the Internal Structure of Chords
    LilyPond's internal representation of chords is limited. As of now, it can mostly only represent the individual notes themselves that make up the...
  • Ian-1
    Javascript Backend for Gnu Guile
    To implement a Javascript backend to Gnu Guile, capable of compiling programs for execution in a modern web browser. This proposal completes work...
  • Mathieu Lirzin
    JavaScript for info-style navigation
    The info program is very bare-bones (no fonts or images). On the other hand, the info program has a number of conveniences for browsing...
  • varadhya
    Multiple qualities of video (GNU MediaGoblin)
    GNU MediaGoblin is a well known free software media publishing platform where people can see and share their media. Even though we can think of it as...
  • Olivier Gasuleg
    Proposal GNU Ring project Olivier Grégoire
    I will work on the GNU Ring project. This project is, at the moment, unstable due to a lack of automated tests. Only a part of the code is tested.I...
  • Houmin
    Ring - Create a C++ plugin for Ring
    The plugin will read incoming messages and detect a particular sequence (keyword). The sequence is a written message in some scripting language (to...
  • asalman
    Ring: NodeJS Plugin for Seamless Cross-platform Client Development
    A big problem impeding Ring development is developing (and providing support for) different Ring clients running on disparate systems. What this...
  • Akash Rawal
    wget2 - Design and implementation of a framework for plugins
    Ability to extend wget for a paritcular purpose using dynamically loadable modules would be a nice addition. (Reference idea)