Healthcare for Humanity

LibreHealth is the foundation of a worldwide ecosystem of open source Health IT innovation, and is a place where people can come together to build tools that enhance the quality of healthcare around the world. We currently have under our umbrella the following projects:

  • LibreHealth Toolkit, a foundational base for building Health IT tools
  • LIbreHealth EHR, an electronic health record derived from best practices and technology from leading open source systems
  • LibreHealth Radiology, a specialized distribution of LibreHealth Toolkit customized for radiology health care professionals

Our GSoC student projects will address real-life needs of our projects to help improve delivery of health care around the world. We have a team of expert mentors with decades of experience to help you in your work. They will be continually adding project ideas to our forum at, and we encourage you to suggest ideas too as you learn more about our projects. Come join us and bring open source innovation to health care!

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  • java
  • php
  • javascript
  • mysql


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LibreHealth 2017 Projects

  • Priyanshu Sinha
    Database Upgrade and Laravel Integration in LibreHealth EHR
    This proposal provides a complete refactoring of the existing system along with database upgrade and use of framework. Providing a procedure to...
  • Ujjwal Arora
    Practice Appointment Calendar for LibreHealth EHR
    LibreHealthEHR's calendar, based upon the PostNuke Calendar, has been an integral part of the application. However, the calendar is antiquated and...
  • ivange94
    Radiology Reporting Enhancements Continuation
    The Radiology module currently stores radiology reports as text in the radiology_reports table inside the database. This is not ideal. In real life...
  • Nilesh Prasad
    Smarty Template Engine Removal and UI Redevelopment
    This project aims to recreate all the features which are currently using Smarty Template Engine. This would involve the removal of all Smarty...