phpBB is the most widely used free and open source forum software

What is phpBB?

phpBB ('BB' for Bulletin Board) is the world's most popular free and open source forum solution. Our global community of contributors ensures that end-users receive a stable, secure, and infinitely customizable product that's easy to deploy and maintain, while also being fun and simple to use every day.

Why choose phpBB?

Originally released in 2000, the latest version of the phpBB software has evolved to include support for multiple database engines (PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server), user groups, an extendable permissions system, hierarchical subforums, file attachments, a variety of notification options (E-Mail, Jabber, ATOM feeds), OAuth authentication, Emojis, and a variety of other features as well as support for PHP 7 and 7.1. The phpBB Customization Database of styles and extensions offers administrators endless ability to adapt the software to their needs.

Our strict security practices have resulted in a solid product with a proven track record greatly exceeding that of our commercial competitors. Likewise, our coding guidelines and collaborative development model ensure that code quality is a top priority while encouraging constant developer learning and growth.

phpBB and Google Summer of Code

We are proud to have previously participated in the GSoC program three times with great success. Former phpBB GSoC student have flown across the world to meet the rest of our team during our annual hackathon and have gone on to become long-term contributors to the project, some even joining the core development team. We hope that you will help us continue this excellent trend.

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  • php
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  • css


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phpBB Forum Software 2017 Projects

  • Jakub Senko
    Advertisement management extension
    The ability to easily handle advertisements in phpBB is often requested. Latest pool for next official extension results in Advertisement Management...
  • rubencm
    Implementation of storage service
    My goal is to split the filesystem service into one additional storage service to allow developers to create extensions which change the storage...