The ultimate open source chat and messaging platform

The Ultimate Chat and Messaging Platform

Rocket.Chat is 100% open source, MIT licensed, modern chat and messaging platform written in full-stack JavaScript. Rocket.Chat offers a full featured web chat experience on modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. Mobile and desktop clients run on iOS, Android, MacOSX, Windows, and Linux. Rocket.Chat server is designed to be scalable from a small family messaging server for 5 users to clustered configuration that can support tens of thousands of users. Currently, Rocket.Chat server runs on machines from as small as the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero, to the largest multi-core Xeon Phi server farms. The server supports deployment on bare-metal machines, containerized environments, as well as major cloud platforms including GCE, AWS, and Azure. A server can be installed and deployed via one single system command; yet flexibly configured and tuned for custom environments via thousands of configurable options.

Rocket.Chat supports an ever expanding feature set that modern chat users expect - including multiple rooms, direct messages, private groups, video chat, audio chat, file upload/sharing, desktop and mobile notifications, avatars, emojis, custom emojis, reactions, geolocation, tex math rendering, media embeds, link preview, full text search, SAML v2 and CAS SSO, LDAP, ChatOps, Hubot, REST API, realtime WebSocket API, and many many more.

Rocket.Chat supports over 22 local languages. it is created and maintained by an active community of over 250 contributors on GitHub, supported by a global community of 100,000+ users on a 24 x 7 community Rocket.Chat server.

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  • javascript
  • meteor.js
  • mongo
  • webrtc


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