Individual and Academic Open Source

Portland State University specializes in mentoring individual open source projects. This includes enhancements to existing projects not otherwise part of GSoC, as well as brand-new smaller open source projects proposed by us or (preferably) by students. We especially encourage projects with an academic bent, and software projects related to open hardware: we have mentors skilled in such matters.

We don't care much which programming language you choose, or what open technologies you use in your project. We are looking for things that will impact some community in an important way, that leverage your existing skills and knowledge, and that you will learn from.

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  • open hardware
  • language-agnostic


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  • new projects
  • academic projects
  • individual projects
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Portland State University 2017 Projects

  • Saksham Gupta
    Aligning Faces Using OpenCV
    Aim of the project is to implement the state of the art technique on Face Alignment i.e. "One Millisecond Face Alignment with an Ensemble of...
  • andrralv
    Book Description extension for Inform 7
    Interactive Fiction programs have been around for a while, is a website that holds many of the classics released for DOS,...
  • djokester
    Creation of an NLP Toolbox for Indian Languages
    Creation of an NLP Toolkit to deal with Indian languages. I shall start with Hindi first and then follow it up with Bengali over the course of...
  • Oleksandr Borysov
    Double Bottom USB Stick (USB Flash Drive with possibility to conceal information)
    I propose to create a USB Flash Drive with the possibility to conceal the fact that the flash drive contains hidden information. I mean that hidden...
  • Gatlin Newhouse
    Static Page Site Generator with Google Drive as a Content Management System. Using Pandoc, Google Drive via the drive go client, and Hugo to create a...
  • Abhishek Sehgal
    SVG Digital Halftoning
    Digital halftoning refers to the process of converting a continuous-tone image or photograph into a pattern of black and white picture elements for...
  • TeĆ³genes Moura
    For the last few years we've seen an ongoing debate around the security of voting: Be it the incident in Florida[1] during 2000's election or the...