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The Linux Foundation is a non-profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux. Founded in 2007 as a merger of the former Free Standards Group (FSG) and the former Open Source Developer Lab (OSDL), the LF sponsors the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds and is supported by leading Linux and open source companies and developers from around the world. The Linux Foundation promotes, protects and standardizes Linux by providing unified resources and services needed for open source to successfully compete with closed platforms. For more see our About page. All software produced by us is free software published under OSI-approved licenses. See project ideas page for the license used by each project.

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The Linux Foundation 2017 Projects

  • Sahil Arora
    Add support to CUPS-FILTERS for enabling conversion to and printing of PCLm files supported by IPP everywhere printers.
    PCLm is a file format which is a light-weight subset of PDF which makes printing fast and efficient. It is streamable, i.e. can be printed page by...
  • Yash Srivastav
    Common Print Dialog
    I intend to integrate the backend being developed as part of the common print dialog in libreoffice. The common backend ensures that all...
  • Anshul Gupta
    Common Print Dialog
    This project aims to create a unified solution for printing in desktop and mobile environments. A well designed print dialog will help the users to...
  • Abhijeet Dubey
    Common Print Dialog for desktop applications and mobile devices
    To make printing easy for the users of desktop systems and mobile devices, a well designed print dialog should be there where a user can easily find...
  • Nilanjana Lodh
    DBus activatable Print Backends and Common Libraries for the Common Printing Dialog
    Goals: Design a dbus interface for the common print dialog(CPD). Switching over to a dbus interface for communicating to print backends would also...
  • Anton Volkov
    Finding bugs related to the data races in Linux kernel
    This project's goal is making the Linux kernel more error-proof through the detection of data races with the help of static verification tools....
  • Anton Vasilyev
    Finding bugs related to the memory errors in Linux kernel
    Memory errors at the kernel of operation system are a kind of bugs that lead to grave consequences but are hard to detect. Debug and disclose of...
  • Pranjal Bhor
    Flattening non-static content (like filled forms) in PDF files for printing
    At present, CUPS filter does not support printing the PDF files with dynamic form content. The dynamic form content includes digitally filled forms,...
  • Samuel Holland
    Performance Optimization / Android Interface
    WireGuard is already a fast, efficient VPN solution because it is implemented in the kernel and uses modern cryptography. While it supports parallel...
  • Rithvik Patibandla
    Qt based Common Print Dialog
    To make printing easy for the users of desktop systems and mobile devices, we need a well-designed print dialog where one can easily find the right...
  • rot256
    Userland implementation of WireGuard in Golang
    WireGuard is a simple VPN solution, opting for speed and simplicity over cipher and protocol agility. The end result is that the WireGuard codebase...