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FOSSASIA is the premier Free and Open Source technology organization in Asia for developers, designers, start-ups, and contributors. Projects at FOSSASIA range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software. FOSSASIA was established in 2009. The annual FOSSASIA Summit took place in Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore. FOSSASIA meetup groups exist throughout Asia.

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  • python
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  • event management
  • machine learning
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FOSSASIA 2017 Projects

  • Soumya Vadlamannati
    A Front End for the Search Appliance in Susper
    Building a user- friendly UI for the search appliance in Susper, which has an existing Yacy-Grid back end. This project also aims to include many...
  • Rishi Raj
    A SUSI Web Chat Application with advanced features for various SUSI skills.
    The SUSI Web Chat App shall be implemented over the SUSI Server API with features supporting chat responses in the form of text, maps, images,...
  • udaytheja
    A Web Application making use of the SUSI.AI Server functionalities
    To build a web application similar to the existing Android and iOS clients, making use of the functionalities of SUSI.AI Server. The web application...
  • singhpratyush
    Add Endpoints to Loklak API and Implement World Mood Tracker
    Add stream and mood API to loklak server and build mood heatmap web app on it's top.
  • Vibhor Verma
    Add more harvester to loklak server
    'LOKLAK SERVER' is a distributed message search server to anonymously collect, share, dump and index social media search results. CURRENTLY...
  • Chashmeet Singh
    An iOS app making use of the SUSI.AI Server functionalities
    The main aim of this project was to develop an iOS app on top of the SUSI.AI Server functionalities. The server makes use of different skills which...
  • Sumedh Nimkarde
    Decoupling the building the frontend for Open event server in Ember js.
    Currently the open-event-server has very unorganized and uneven frontend which does not look good on different screens. So I will be decoupling the...
  • Vivek Singh Bhadauria
    Develop an Android Science App for PSLab Experiments
    Create an Android App from scratch which would enable user to use PSLab directly from their mobile phone through an OTG cable and perform various...
  • Jithin BP
    Develop firmware and experiments for Pocket Science Lab (PSLab)
    Characteristic of a shift into the digital era, students have started to learn to code at an early age. However, most of the academic applications...
  • Piyush Agrawal
    Develop Organizer features for Open Event Orga Server
    Open event orga server offers the great solution for Organizing event. There are great tools and features like sessions, speakers, ticket management...
  • Nikhil Rayaprolu
    Develop Susper Search Appliance
    Introduction:-The Susper Search Appliance uses Yacy-Grid. Currently only the backend exists, that can be used via terminal. The goal of this project...
  • Pranjal Paliwal
    Developing a Plug and Play adaptation of Susi to run on Hardware Device like Raspberry Pi
    This proposal aims at adding support for running Susi AI on the devices modeled after Amazon Echo and Google Home. The project has aims to: Make...
  • Harshita Gupta
    Developing the FOSSASIA’s Open Event Frontend App
    The FOSSASIA Summit is an exciting Open Technology event for developers, students, and startups using open source to build up their businesses. It is...
  • Harsh Lathwal
    Developing the Meilix Generator for Custom Linux Distributions
    The task is to develop a webapp for generating custom Linux Operating System. This webapp will guide one through a Graphical User Interface to get an...
  • Akarshan Gandotra
    Development of an Android Application for Pocket Science Lab Experiments
    Pocket Science Lab is a complete and powerful tool that can really power a regular science lab. It can work as Oscilloscope and Logical Analyzer....
  • Asitava Sarkar
    Development of Android Science App for PSLab and enhancement of firmware
    I propose to develop an Android App for Science Experiments with PSLab. Due to the growing influence of smartphones, the requirement of an Android...
  • Subhankar Shah
    Enhancement of Phimpme Android App
    Since Phimpme lags basic functionalities like connecting to the social network and sharing photos is limited to Bluetooth. Editing photos are also...
  • Chirag Wadhera
    Enhancement of SUSI.AI Server and Android App
    SUSI.AI is a powerful and Open Source Artificial Intelligence based Personal Assistant which retrieves data from various sources and answers queries...
  • Hemant Jadon
    Enhancement to FOSSAsia Loklak Search webapp
    Enhancing the Loklak Search webapp by fixing bugs and adding new features to the application which are performant and stable. Enhancing the UI/UX...
  • Pawan Pal
    Enhancement to the Fossasia’s PhimpMe Android application
    I would like to enhance this project and like to develop an all in one photo app. Where user can directly share his/her image on different accounts...
  • Harshit Prasad
    Enhancements in Susper Search Engine
    The idea is to improve the current Susper Search Engine by helping to update the theme to the latest search engine site using Angular Material, add...
  • isuruAb
    Enhancements of SUSI AI web Chat
    Susi AI is open source chatbot with enabled voice assistance. It can perform various tasks like music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms,...
  • Shailesh351
    Enhancements to FOSSASIA Open Event Android App
    Aim of the project is to improve and enhance Open Event Android project by adding more features, improving performance and fixing bugs. Add support...
  • Ali Ayub Khan
    Enhancing SUSI AI server, skills and developing SUSI AI messenger bots
    The goal of this project is to enhance SUSI, integrating different APIs to make it more responsive and smart and implementing SUSI AI messenger...
    Enhancing the Loklak app service and adding more apps
    The site at presently showcases various apps which are build with the loklak api. The aim of this project is to enhance the...
  • Shubham Padia
    Implement json-api spec compliant API for Open Event Server
    At the time of writing this, the frontend and the backend in open-event-orga-server are tightly coupled with each other. The goal of the project is...
  • Dilpreet Singh
    Implementation of frontend for eventyay
    The aim of this project is to decouple the current orga-server and move to API centric approach, with orga-server as the central API server &...
  • Tarun Kumar (sucode)
    Implementation of webapp to generate customize Meilix Linux Distro
    To design a Linux Distro based on a platform to achieve certain requirements. The proposal focuses on building such as Distro. The distro will be...
  • Afroz Ahamad
    Import of Events into Open Event Orga Server
    This project aims at providing support for automatic import of events from various event listing sites into Open Event. This import of events is...
  • Princu7
    Improve and enhance open-event-webapp
    This project aims to improve and enhance open-event-webapp and add new features like calendar and png export of the event schedule. The other...
  • Manveer Singh
    Improvement in Susi Web app and it's integration
    Adding feedback feature to Susi’s functionality. Integration of Susi assistant to Viber, Skype and Gitter. Feedback Feature: I will change the UI of...
  • Siddhant Kumar Patel
    Loklak Wok Android app into library and app with search and tweet features
    Addition of required Javadoc comments and refactoring variable names, methods and some classes in the loklakj_lib​, so that it can be published in...
  • Kavitha E Nair
    Loklak: Track Emojis on Twitter and show them on a map using the loklak API
    loklak is free software hosted on which provides message search results from twitter in json format. loklak is a complete search engine...
  • sadboy
    Open Event Format in other Open Source Event Apps
    The Open Event Project offers event managers a platform to organise all kinds of events including concerts, conferences, summits and regular meetups....
  • Abhinav Khare
    Open Event Frontend -Design the new frontend and integrate it with the API
    Redesign the frontend of the Open Event project using semantic UI Enhance the functionality and reimplement functionality using ember JS Integrate...
  • Areeb Jamal
    Open Event Orga Android App Development
    Open Event Orga App is an Android client for the Open Event Orga API for event management. The app allows organizers to sign up and log in, view...
  • mejariamol
    Open Event Organizer Android Application
    Open Event Organizer is an Android Application for Event Organizers and Entry Managers. It is a client side application for another project under...
  • Anant Prasad
    Phimpme Android Project
    PhimpMe Android is an image application that aims to replace proprietary photo editing applications. It offer features ...
  • Mohit Manuja
    Phimpme Image App Proposal
    I have gone through the various projects of Fossasia and impressed with the kind of project organisation is working upon.I choose to work on Phimpme...
  • magdalenesuo
    Proposal for Open Event project under FOSSASIA
    Improve attendee experience of ticketing and subtickets, for meetups and develop a venue custom map
  • Padmal
    PSLab - Android/Firmware/Hardware
    PSLab is a new addition to FOSSASIA Science Lab. This tiny pocket lab provides an array of necessary equipments for doing science and engineering...
  • Achint Sharma
    Show loklak search results as auto-refreshing media wall
    The view of the search results is currently showing as a list of results. The aim of the project is to offer an additional view as a wall. a.) Part...
  • SUSI is an AI-powered chat bot with the ability to reply almost every query asked by the user not only in the form of text but visuals as well. It...
  • Amit Tiwary
    SUSI Android
    SUSI.AI is an open source AI based personal assistant which retrieve data from various sources like twitter and provide answer to queries of user. So...
  • SUSI is an Artificial Intelligence system which apart from having its own Android, iOS, web and IoT clients also offers an extended support for...
  • Chetan Kaushik
    SUSI AI is an intelligent Open Source personal assistant. It is capable of chat and voice interaction and by using APIS to perform actions such as...
  • Saurabh Jain
    SUSI.AI- Artificial Intelligence for Chat Bots
    An open source personal assistant that makes interaction with smartphones easy. Providing SUSI with abilities to reply almost every query asked by...
  • Vinay Sajjanapu
    Updating Image Application
    Updating, Image application and getting it ready for publishing in stores by implementing features like Image Tuning, Adding Filters of...
  • Ujjwal Bhardwaj
    Yaydoc - An automated documentation generator
    The primary goal is to work on an automated documentation generator that will deploy documentation for various projects using Continuous...
  • Priyam Singh
    Yaydoc - Build and Push documentation easily
    Yaydoc is a one stop solution for all documentation needs. It is intended to be similar to Continuous integration services such as Travis CI, Circle...
  • balaji r
    Yaydoc - Build and Push documentation easily
    Yaydoc is a one stop solution for all documentation needs. It is intended to be used in Continuous integration services such as Travis CI, Circle CI,...