Federated, end-to-end encrypted instant messaging based on XMPP/OMEMO

Conversations.im originally started out as an easy to use Jabber/XMPP client for the Android platform specifically targeted at end users and people who are new to XMPP. To achieve this end, a big priority of the project is great UX. Being an XMPP client, Conversations aims to be fully compatible with XMPP clients on other platforms such as Gajim on Window & Linux as well as ChatSecure on iOS.

The Conversations project is very involved in driving progress in the XMPP-based instant messaging sphere. We make use of bleeding-edge protocol extensions where available, but more than that, we are also actively developing novel approaches to yet unsolved problems. We are not afraid to try new things and our active community is always willing to try out prototype implementations. Furthermore, members of the Conversations team are also part of the XMPP Standards Foundation to standardize newly developed approaches for modern, mobile friendly XMPP. One very successful example of such innovation is OMEMO encryption, which is now supported by 5+ popular XMPP clients and was originally developed for Conversations as a GSoC project.

Over time, the Conversations project also developed various tools to make life easier for end users and also make the XMPP world more approachable for new comers. For example we developed the XMPP Compliance Tester that tests public servers for compatibility with the latest XMPP extensions to help users pick a good server.

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  • xmpp
  • java
  • android
  • javafx
  • python


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Conversations.im 2017 Projects

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    Improving Dino
    This project will introduce various improvements in Dino, a new XMPP client using GTK+ written in Vala. Among the improvements will be MAM, Stream...