Open Detection is a open source project for object detection and recognition.

Object detection and recognition is the most important focus of Computer Vision. We are constantly in search of methods to have a 'detection' system as powerful as the human being. Given a random query image, we want to have a system capable of answering the questions like: What is present in the image? Is there a house in it? Is there a human in it? Where is the house located? Questions like these which are so trivial to human beings, are extremely difficult for a computer - the same computer which is way faster than human beings in terms of sequential calculations and executions.


  • The library is built with a very specific goal - to answer the fundamental problem of Computer Vision - Object Recognition and Detection.

  • We make available to everyone the existing solution in this direction in a common, intuitive and user-friendly APIs.

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  • c++
  • caffe
  • pcl
  • opencv


  • Other
  • computer vision
  • ai
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