The CNCF is a nonprofit committed to the development of cloud native technology

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is a nonprofit organization committed to advancing the development of cloud native technology and services by creating a new set of common container technologies informed by technical merit and end user value, and inspired by Internet-scale computing. As a shared industry effort, CNCF members represent container and cloud technologies, online services, IT services and end user organizations focused on promoting and advancing the state of cloud native computing for the enterprise.

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  • kubernetes
  • go
  • prometheus
  • fluentd
  • grpc


  • Cloud
  • cloud
  • cloud native
  • monitoring
  • logging
  • tracing
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Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) 2017 Projects

  • Amit Kumar Jaiswal
    Create and implement a Data model to standardize Kubernetes logs
    This project aims to build and implement a Data model for logs in a large kubernetes cluster to process, correlate and query to make the...
  • Konrad Djimeli
    Develop a set of Jupyter Notebooks for the Kubernetes Python Client + Kubernetes Python Client update
    The Kubernetes python client is a Kubernetes incubator project. The python client makes it possible to access Kubernetes with python. Jupyter...
  • Antoine D.
    dnstap Middleware
    The project The goal is to capture the DNS data within a CoreDNS middleware and write it to a "dnstap log file" (prehaps over the network) Steps I...
  • Nikhita Raghunath
    Improve Third Party Resources
    ThirdPartyResources are already available but the implementation has languished with multiple outstanding capabilities that are missing. They did not...
    instrument OpenTracing with go-restful web framework
    go-restful( a widely-used library for building REST-style Web Services using Google Go. With powerful...
  • Hao Zhang
    Integrate Unikernel Runtime
    The main idea of this proposal is Why and How we integrate unikernel as a runtime into kubernetes/frakti project, so that kubernetes could use...