ReactOS is a free, open source, Windows compatible operating system.

Imagine running your favorite Windows applications and drivers in an open-source environment you can trust. That's ReactOS. A free, open source, Windows compatible operating system.

It's written from scratch, not based on Linux, with 9,000,000+ lines of code and growing. More than 100 developers contributed along the years

It aims to be lightweight with only 500MB HDD and 96MB RAM as the current minimum requirement.

Developers enjoy a fast, CMake based build system that supports GCC, Clang and MSVC toolchains (including Visual Studio solutions support).

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ReactOS 2017 Projects

  • Trevor Thompson
    NTFS Driver Improvements for ReactOS
    NTFS is a modern, elegant filesystem with support for many advanced features, such as fault tolerance, access control lists, hard links, data...
  • Alexander Shaposhnikov
    ReactOS App Manager
    This project is targeted to the end users. It will ease install process and help users getting free and open source software at one place. The app...
  • Shriraj Sawant
    Taskbar Shell Extensions for ReactOS
    The current shell in ReactOS lets user manage running applications, start other applications and manage files but nothing more. This idea is about...
  • Rama Teja Gampa
    USBXHCI driver for USB 3.x controllers
    ReactOS currently ships with drivers for USB 1.x (OHCI/UHCI) and USB 2.x (EHCI) controllers only. More and more modern computers come with USB 3.x...