Comprehensive and open source middleware platform that spans the breadth of SOA

WSO2 is an open source middleware company.

All WSO2 products are 100% open source and released under the Apache License Version 2.0.

The set of products correspond to about 18 different open source projects, which is a connected family of projects, based on one code base and a unified platform. Each project, in this family of projects, address a unique aspect of the open source middleware platform.

The projects include back end technologies involving application integration, application development, API management, cloud platform as a service technologies, business process management and monitoring, complex event processing, data analytics, machine learning, internet of things and presentation technologies.

The operation model of the open source projects closely resemble the Apache way of open source operation. All projects are discussed, designed, built and tested in the open, using Apache like open source model.

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  • soa
  • middleware
  • java
  • distributed computing
  • web services


  • Other
  • cloud
  • iot
  • security
  • micro services
  • api management
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WSO2 2017 Projects

  • Isuranga Perera
    [IS] WS-Trust Implementation for IS 6.0.0 using Apache CXF Library
    WS-Trust is a WS-* specification that provides extensions to the WS-Security specification. WS-Security provides the basic framework for message...
  • Udeshika Sewwandi
    Eclipse plugin for Siddhi
    WSO2 Complex Event Processor(WSO2 CEP) is real-time and it has a quick response time in identifying patterns in incoming stream of events/large data...
  • Ravindu Perera
    Environment Support for API Manager
    Building capability in the user interfaces of WSO2 API Manager version 3.0.0 (SNAPSHOT version as of now) to switch between different environments...
  • Hasitha Jayasundara
    Native inbound and connector for IBM MQ 8.0
    Currently with WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus recommended way to connect to IBM MQ is using JMS transport. But this has limitations and sometimes gives...
  • Gobinath Loganathan
    Non-Occurrence of Events for Siddhi Patterns
    Siddhi provides an elegant solution to detect patterns among the events that happened. However, it cannot identify the absence of events using the...
  • Abilashini Thiyagarajah
    OAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration Management Protocol support for WSO2 Identity Server
    OAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration Management Protocol specification defines a set of rules to manage the OAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration...
  • Madhawa Vidanapathirana
    Python API for Siddhi CEP
    The scope of this project is to develop a Python API for Siddhi CEP Java Library. Additionally, the developed Python API would be able to directly...
  • Vindula Jayawardana
    SCIM 2.0 Compliance Test Suite
    The proposal is on implementing the SCIM 2.0 compliance test suite which can be run on both the cloud and on premise by eliminating the limitations...
  • Nadun De Silva
    Siddhi Extension Doc Auto Generation
    This project consists of two main parts of the automated generation of documentation for Siddhi Complex Event Processing Engine. a maven plugin for...