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Our world continues to be ravaged by a pandemic of epic proportions, as over 40 million people are infected with or dying from HIV/AIDS -- most (up to 95%) are in developing countries. Prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS on this scale requires efficient information management, which is critical as HIV/AIDS care must increasingly be entrusted to less skilled providers. Whether for lack of time, developers, or money, most HIV/AIDS programs in developing countries manage their information with simple spreadsheets or small, poorly designed databases...if anything at all. To help them, we need to find a way not only to improve management tools, but also to reduce unnecessary, duplicative efforts. As a response to these challenges, OpenMRS formed in 2004 as a open source medical record system framework for developing countries -- a tide which rises all ships. Over the past decade, OpenMRS has been adapted and used beyond HIV/AIDS for TB, Ebola, maternal-child health, and chronic care. OpenMRS is a multi-institution, nonprofit collaborative led by organizations such as Regenstrief Institute, Inc. (http://regenstrief.org), a world-renowned leader in medical informatics research, and Partners In Health (http://pih.org), a Boston-based philanthropic organization with a focus on improving the lives of underprivileged people worldwide through health care service and advocacy. We have also formed a non-profit, OpenMRS, Inc., whose mission is to support the worldwide OpenMRS community. These teams nurture a growing worldwide network of individuals and organizations all focused on creating medical record systems and a corresponding implementation network to allow system development self reliance within resource constrained environments. To date, OpenMRS has been implemented in dozens of developing countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Lesotho, Uganda, Tanzania, Haiti, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, and India.

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  • java
  • javascript
  • html/css
  • hibernate
  • mysql


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OpenMRS 2017 Projects

  • Reuben Varghese
    Add Ons Enhancements
    This project aims at making certain changes to the existing OpenMRS Add Ons infrastructure thereby making it fit as a complete replacement for the...
  • Nipun Thathsara
    Anonymous Patient Registration Project
    Hospitals often encounter with patients delivered while in unconscious. These patient are registered and treated as unknown patients and later...
  • M. A. Jude Niroshan
    Built-In Reports for Reference Application
    Create new reports which are out of the box for currently available reports. This would be shipped with the reference application of OpenMRS as a...
  • Choxmi Sathsara
    DHISReport Reporting Enhancements
    OpenMRS-DHIS2 integration is a really helpful integration in the community. The present DHISReport module being used to automate the process of...
  • Kwateng Ofori
    FHIR Module Enhancements Project Proposal
    FHIR is a well known standard which rapidly gets popular among community. The purpose of this project is to expand the capabilities and functions of...
  • Sanatt Abrol
    FHIR OAuth Smart Apps Integration and OAuth Module Enhancements
    This is a draft proposal.
  • jtatia
    Generic Tagging Mechanism
    Creating a generic mechanism that allows users to annotate domain objects with text labels/tags. It has several uses such as, for grouping data and...
  • Gayan Weerakutti
    Improved REST API Documentation
    Improve and optimize OpenMRS REST API Specification Improve Swagger Specification Create API Overview Docs Optimize/Cache Swagger Spec Creation...
  • Suthagar Kailayapathy
    More Metadata Management in AdminUI
    The goal of this project is to ensure that one can comfortably run the reference application without requiring the legacyUI module for metadata...
  • DefCon
    OpenMRS Android Client
    During GSoC 2016, the Android app was improved with features including Forms and Patient Registration. For GSoC 2017, I will focus on bringing...
  • Hao Xu
    OpenMRS Android Client Feature Parity and Improvements
    The project features new attributes designed towards usefulness and perfection. Implementing the Provider Module can improve doctor and patient...
  • Shivang Nagaria
    OpenMRS Data Integrity Module Improvement
    The objective of this proposal is to present a way to improve the OpenMRS Data Integrity Module. It is not always possible to check the validity of...
  • Ankitkumar94
    OpenMRS OWA Generator Improvement
    OWA generator is a tool that uses Yeoman to scaffold an OpenMRS webapp. Scaffolding here represents almost the same meaning as it does in case of...
  • Chanuka Wijayakoon
    Operation Theater Module Workflow Enhancements
    This proposal considers performing modifications to the existing Operation Theater module to migrate it to the latest OpenMRS platform. The other...
  • Lahiru Jayathilake
    Patient Matching 2.0
    Patient Matching Module is an application where it tries to identify records that belong to the same patient among different number of data sources.