Energy efficient routing for electric vehicles

What is GreenNav

Green Navigation (abbreviated as GreenNav) provides driving directions for electric vehicles and predicts their cruising range. It is a client-server system: The client provides a platform independent web interface written in JavaScript. The server offers access to specialized algorithms written in Java via a REST interface. The aim of the project is to provide various tools for electric vehicles. There are two sides to the project:

For Drivers

On one side, we want to provide drivers of electric vehicles with practical solutions, that is, with optimal driving direction for their route. For that we are developing a platform independent navigation system.

For Scientists

On the other side, we want to develop tools for scientifically analyzing algorithmic solutions. For that we are developing tools for visualization of algorithms, for comparing their performance, we want to provide a generic API for custom algorithms and a lot more.


Instead of working towards a specific electric vehicel, we want to leverage machine learning to derive the parameters automatically, getting better with every route.

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  • javascript
  • java
  • react
  • apache spark
  • tensorflow


  • Other
  • routing
  • eletric mobility
  • web
  • machine learning
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Green Navigation 2017 Projects

  • Leah Chrestien
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  • Indraneil Paul
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  • Pavel Danilov
    Routing server
    GreenNav project requires fast and reliable server that supports computations optimal routing via efficient algorithms. I'm going to implement...
  • Jia Rui Ong
    Smart Range Viewer
    Using ReactJS and Javascript for computation and visualisation of vehicle range to ease range anxiety among electric vehicle drivers.
  • Saumya Suvarna
    Traffic avoidance and prediction of energy consumption of electric vehicles with real time notification system
    The 21st century ushered with it the age of smart and predictive technology with the optimum use of resources to make life easier. In accordance with...