Game libraries, frameworks, and development toolkits

Many of us got our start in programming with game development, we strive to keep this tradition alive for the next generation.


This is our flagship 3d game engine. Its designed to allow developers to instantly see the result of code as they write it in Python. The engine has been ported to Android and RaspberryPi, and has been used in classrooms around the world, but still needs quite a bit of work for mainstream acceptance.


This is an experimental new "voxel" engine, similar to Minecraft, designed to run in the browser.


This is a fork of the LoudMouth XMPP client library which we are adapting for game networking.


This is an experimental cross-platform input management service. The end goal is to give games a high-level abstraction of input that can be supported by a wide variety of devices.


Started as part of our Google Code-in program, our javascript-based webchat needs some major work to bring it up to modern standards. We would like to spawn this into a separate project usable as the basis for game websites and our own project websites.

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  • python
  • opengl
  • javascript
  • c
  • xmpp


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Copyleft Games 2017 Projects

  • Alexander Baselice
    A 3-D sidescroller game with physics based gameplay to show off the rendering and physics engine of PySoy
    I propose developing a 3-D sidescroller with physics based gameplay to show off the rendering and physics engine of PySoy. The player has a crystal...
  • Abdeselam El-Haman
    Shadow Rendering
    PySoy is a game creation engine where the aim is to give a remarkeable easy-to-use library to the developers compared to other game engines in the...