Fast, scalable and flexible search

Xapian is a Search Engine Library which aims to be fast, scalable, and flexible. It's used by many organizations and software projects around the world, including Debian, Gnome, KDE, One Laptop per Child, and Ubuntu.

It supports ranking by Language Modelling, TF-IDF, probabilistic schemes, and Divergence from Randomness, plus a rich set of boolean query operators. The core library is written in C++, with bindings to allow use from many other languages.

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  • c++
  • unicode
  • swig
  • linux
  • golang


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Xapian Search Engine Library 2017 Projects

  • Vivek Pal
    Learning to Rank Click Data Mining
    Click logs provide a highly valuable source of relevance information. Compared to editorial labels, clicks are much cheaper to obtain and always...
  • Ayush Pandey-1
    Learning to Rank Stablization
    The Main Objective of this project is to create a Learning to Rank system which will eventually be integrated in Xapian. This project can be broken...
  • Nihal N
    PHP Bindings Improvement
    PHP7 the new version, is considered to be a major release after the release of PHP5 in 2004. Currently PHP7 Binding for Xapian is based heavily on...