Full-text search your history, bookmarks and all your apps.

With the WorldBrain project we build the tools that will allow you to create and share your personal web. With it, you can search your entire digital knowledge, connect websites and notes you find related and effortlessly share these connections with your network.

You can full-text search through your browsing history, bookmarks and soon also apps like Evernote, Google Docs, Pocket, Local Filesystem & Emails and many more. You can manually create connections between pages & notes, group them or let the tool automatically analyse a variety of associations, so you can recall information just like your brain remembers it. You can download our chrome extension here: worldbrain.io/download

Our open source search tools are primarily made for professional knowledge workers like science communicators, (STEM-) students, journalists, librarians and online debaters. With the software we build, we aim to gather a diverse community of people that loves working with fact-based and intellectually honest information.

By using the tool, people can actively and passively make content recommendations to their network. These are used to build features like "bubble" search engine, uncover related content and create quality scores for websites. (3.5 min Vision Video: worldbrain.io/vision)

As of the 08.01. we have 3400 users and are 6 people regularly working on the development.

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WorldBrain - Verifying the Internet with Science 2017 Projects

  • Shivang Bharadwaj
    Implementation of Continuous Integration Pipeline and a Testing Suite for WorldBrain
    This proposal aims to setup a continuous integration pipeline and a testing suite for the WorldBrain organization to facilitate faster and more...