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  • html/css
  • c++
  • python


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Mozilla 2017 Projects

  • flyingrub
    about:telemetry redesign
    about:telemetry is present on all builds of Firefox as a way for users to view the data being stored and sent via Telemetry. It was built before...
  • Harkirat Singh
    Adding Collaboration Features to Thimble
    The audience of Thimble largely consists of teachers, educators and students. One of the most requested feature in thimble is collaboration. Right...
  • Quân Nguyễn
    Boost Session Restore Performance
    Session Restore is important as a key feature of Firefox. Many people rely on it to re-open a tab from the past or recover from an unfortunate power...
    Canvas for Study Group Event Page
    The current page of Study Group Event needs enhancement as to provide information about Study Group Programs and Events. Through this page, people...
  • Arshad Khan
    Convert XUL to HTML
    Lightning has traditionally been using XUL for its user interface. To modernize, we would like to convert dialogs, tab content and other parts of the...
  • Micah Tigley
    Firefox Developer Tools: CSS Grid Inspector
    I will be adding and refining existing features to Firefox Devtools' CSS Grid Inspector tool. One major feature I will be working on is the grid...
  • Rajat Patwa
    GitHub Issue Parser
    The purpose of this project is to create a software tool that is capable of parsing popular online version control repositories, like GitHub, via...
  • Tushar Saini
    Implementing some of the WebExtension APIs
    We will be implementing browsingData and contextMenu APIs of WebExtension (a cross-browser system) for android firefox. There are some bugs related...
  • Sebastin Santy
    Improve bug filing interface for
    At present, uses enter_bug.cgi to file bugs. This is particularly unwieldy due to a lot of reasons like two hop db access,...
  • Rohit Kumar
    JSON in Sqlite
    Problem: JSON is a nice format to store data and it has become quite prevalent. If we are not overwhelmed by the diversity of JSON now, we soon will...
  • Chinmay Kousik
    Livelog Proxy
    TaskCluster workers are hosted on services such as EC2 and currently expose ports to the internet to allow http-clients to call API endpoints. This...
  • Pavan Karthik
    Matrix Protocol Support for Instantbird.
    Matrix is an open, decentralized protocol for instant messaging (and more!) It has bridges to many other networks and protocol, e.g. IRC, Slack, and...
  • Anthony Maton
    MDN Documentation Tester WebExtension
    Note: This is one of Mozilla proposed Subject Rewrite the MDN doc tester add-on as a (well-tested, modern, documented) WebExtension that runs in...
  • Ashish Sareen
    Migrate Balrog’s Admin API to OpenAPI-Specification
    Balrog is the software that runs the server side component of the update system used by Firefox and other Mozilla products. It helps ship updates...
  • arush0311
    Mozilla Science Lab: phase 2
    This project is about implementing a bunch of features from phase 2 of
  • cynicaldevil
    Off-main thread HTML parsing
    The goal of this project is to fully implement off main thread, speculative HTML parsing. Performing HTML parsing on a separate thread gives rise to...
  • Igor Matuszewski
    Rust Language Server (RLS)
    The aim of this project is to improve the Rust developer experience via the Rust Language Server by introducing few notable improvements. The scope...
  • twk
    SemVer compatibility tool
    The goal of this project is to develop and implement a scheme to verify a library crate's adherence to the semantic versioning specification in the...
  • Connor Brewster
    Servo Custom Element Proposal
    The custom element API allows javascript authors to create reusable web components. The author can create custom element constructors and setup...
  • Mukul Kumar
    Streams API in PDF.js
    This project aims to implement Streams API polyfill for PDF.js, and use it for networking and rendering purpose. PDF.js current uses xhr for...
  • Shruti Jasoria
    View Details of Performance Test Results on Perfherder
    Perfherder is the dashboard which monitors and analyses performance tests run against Mozilla products. Currently, Perfherder provides aggregated...