Open Source for Open Source: software license, origin and packages discovery

AboutCode is a project to uncover data ... about software code:

  • where does it come from?
  • what is its license? copyright?
  • is it secure, maintained, well coded?

All these are questions that are important to find answers to when there are million of free and open source software components available on the web.

Where software comes from and what is its license should be a problem of the past such that everyone can safely consume more free and open source software.

Come and join us to make it so!

Our tools are used to help detect and report the origin and license of source code, packages and binaries as well as discover software and package dependencies, and track security vulnerabilities, bugs and other important software component attributes.

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  • python
  • c/c++
  • javascript
  • shell script
  • static analysis


  • Programming Languages and Development Tools
  • free and open source software license and origin
  • package and dependencies licensing and origin
  • package vulnerabilities and security
  • code scan and matching
  • code analysis and spdx
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AboutCode 2017 Projects

  • Raju Koushik Gorantla
    Building ScanCode live scan server
    Building a project which uses ScanCode as a library in a web and REST API application that allows you to scan code on demand by entering a URL and...
  • Ranvir Singh
    Live scan server to scan licenses using URL and file uploader
    This project is based on the building a web app that can take the user input of the plain-text code or it can take the input as the URL from where...
  • Kartik Sibal
    Package Vulnerability Data Feed & Scanner
    The usage of any open source software is primarily guided by the licenses binding it. Individuals/Organisations, generally make the decision of using...
  • Yash D. Saraf
    Plugin architecture for ScanCode
    This project’s purpose is to create a decoupled plugin architecture for scancode such that it can handle plugins at different stages of a scan and...