Opening the eyes of research astronomy software to the whole world.

OpenAstronomy is a collaboration between open source astronomy and astrophysics projects that are being used by researchers around the world to study our universe either by analysing the data obtained from amazing instruments like the Hubble Space Telescope, the Square Kilometer Array or the Solar Dynamic Observatory or by developing very sophisticated numerical models (eg. FLASH). The analysis of such data helps multiple types of research from being able to forecast a solar storms to detect planets in other stars, from understanding how galaxies are formed to explain the expansion and the origin of the universe.

Open Astronomy currently is formed by eight organisations that develop tools for different aspects on astronomy. The range of topics covered by these projects is wide, for example:

  • Astropy is a general Python library for astronomy, providing common tools such as celestial coordinates, image processing, tabular data reading and writing, units and support for astronomy-specific file formats;
  • SunPy provides utilities for obtaining and representing solar physics data, with clients for some of the largest online solar physics data archives and solar specific analysis and visualisation code;
  • Glue is a data visualization application and library to explore relationships within and among related datasets;
  • ChiantiPy is a Python interface to the CHIANTI atomic database, which allows users to characterise the properties (temperature, density, velocity) of observed stars from spectra;
  • Julia Astro is a set of packages for general astronomy and astrophysics analysis using Julia.
  • And more!

As a single organisation, we aim to strengthen collaborations between the different sub-organisations, and at the same time increase the awareness among our users on the capabilities of our "sister" projects.

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  • julia
  • qt


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OpenAstronomy 2017 Projects

  • Aarya Patil
    Astropy : A mixin protocol for seamless interoperability
    Astropy has emerged as an integration of several independent packages (PyFits, asciitable), each responsible for an individual task in the storage,...
  • Shibasis Patel
    Casacore Testing
    This project aims to improve python-casacore infrastructure, making the codebase cleaner, modern, maintainable and adding more unit tests.
  • nitinkgp23
    Drms module for JSOC Downloads
    The SunPy JSOC Client is a very rudimentary client to JSOC's export data CGI. The drms module provides a more complete implementation of the DRMS...
  • Adeel Ahmad
    HiPS client for Python
    Design and create a Python client for Hierarchical Progressive Surveys (HiPS). The package will enable users to view astronomical figures in an...
  • Ankit Baruah
    IRIS Data Class
    The project will enable users to use IRIS class objects IRISRaster and IRISSji and its tools to calibrate, visualise and analyse different IRIS data....
  • Kumar Prasun (KP)
    Porting the IDL Astronomy User's Library to Julia
    Hello. As a part of Google Summer Code of 2017, the main task that I intend to take up is to increase the number of the functions present in the...
  • Punyaslok Pattnaik
    Sun, Right now!
    The Sun releases large amounts of magnetic energy in the form of X-rays, EUV (Extreme ultraviolet), radio waves and high energy particles regularly....
  • Duygu Ke┼čkek
    SunPy Website Improvements
    SunPy website is a platform that introduces the SunPy open-source software package for solar physics based on Python. Its main elements are an about...