Transforming the way land & resource rights are documented, managed and stored.

Reviving Documentation of Property Rights

Cadasta Foundation is dedicated to the support, continued development and growth of the Cadasta Platform – an innovative, open source suite of tools for the collection and management of ownership, occupancy, and spatial data that meets the unique challenges of this process in much of the world.

We provide the tools and resources for testing new approaches to capturing land and resource rights data and promoting the adoption of ‘fit-for-purpose’ technology and processes. Incorporated as a non-profit, federally-recognized 501(c)(3) organization, Cadasta Foundation aims to simplify, modernize, and expedite the documentation of land and resource rights in places where it does not exist today.

Our Approach

A secure, cost effective global platform for the direct capture and documentation of land and resource rights. A collaborative ecosystem of partners using the Cadasta Platform to protect land and resource rights. A research and resource portal for the open sharing of knowledge, best practices and the use of our tools.

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  • python
  • django
  • javasc
  • javascipt


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Cadasta 2017 Projects

  • Parthvi Vala
    Additional Login Options
    Additional Login Options focuses on providing more than one ways to login to a user account on Cadasta platform. The main goals of this Project are...