Advancing global collaborative brain research

The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF; is an international organization launched in 2005, following a proposal from the Global Science Forum of the OECD. INCF was established to facilitate and promote the sharing of data and computing resources in the international neuroscience community. A larger objective of INCF is to help develop scalable, portable, and extensible applications that can be used by neuroscience laboratories worldwide.

The mission of INCF is to share and integrate neuroscience data and knowledge worldwide. We foster scientific community collaboration to develop standards for data sharing, analysis, modeling and simulation in order to catalyze insights into brain function in health and disease.

INCF activities are open to all who can contribute to neuroinformatics at the international level. We have a global community of neuroscience researchers working on new and improved tools for all of neuroscience – enabling other researchers to make more and faster discoveries, and improving our understanding of the brain.

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  • c++
  • python
  • java
  • xml
  • gpu


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INCF 2017 Projects

  • Mukesh Gupta
    Active Segmentation Toolbox for ImageJ
    The major goal of this project is to Extend the work of making plugin which was developed in last year. This year we need to come up with some...
  • Mengchi Zhang
    Adding MPI support to GeNN
    This proposal is for adding MPI support to GeNN. GeNN is known as a GPU-enhanced Neuronal Network simulation environment based on code generation for...
  • András Ecker
    Conversion of a large scale hippocampal network model to NeuroML
    I propose to convert to NeuroML, test and validate a recent, full scale, multicompartmental CA1 hippocampus model by M. Bezaire DOI:...
  • Dorian Beganovic
    Distributed EEG data storage and processing using Apache Hadoop and Spark
    Currently the human assistive system collects the EEG data, processes it and trains customized classifiers. With the increasing number of tested...
  • Shubham Dighe
    G-Node : odML Library and Editor
    The open metaData Markup Language (odML), is a standard and organized format for recording, maintaining, and exchanging metadata in an automated...
  • Micky
    GPU implementations for MOOSE
    Neuronal and multiscale simulations are computationally demanding, they require large numbers of very similar calculations. One of the core problems...
  • Siddharth Yadav
    Image processing with ImageJ (segmentation of high-resolution images)
    This is a project is about identifying and parameterizing the precursors of neuronal cells within early-stage embryos. We will co-register the names...
  • Charlee Fletterman
    Implementing support for numerical integration with GSL in the Brian simulator
    The current project aims to implement the option to carry out the numerical integration part in the Brian simulator with integrators defined in...
  • Devin Bayly
    In-memory Compression for Neuroscience Applications: Blue-Brain Neuromapp Research & Implementation
    State of the art computational tools are in especially high demand in the field of Neuroscience. However, bottleneck exists in terms of how much data...
  • Julia Huntenburg
    Integrating CBS Tools in the Nipy community
    CBS Tools are specialized Java-based image processing tools for ultra-high field MRI data. Making this potent software more easily accessible to...
  • shubhsingh594
    model completion dashboard
    The OpenWorm project is building a simulation of the C. Elegans in an open science fashion. The model completion dashboard is a web-based...
  • Aldo Camargo
    Speeding up functional network analysis on fMRI data with distributed, in-memory computation using Apache Spark
    In order to study the fMRI images it is necessary to do a preprocessing , which consist of motion correction, slice timing and realignment, spatial...
  • DanPop
    TVB-Modernize visualizers
    Some of the TVB visualisers are already old and need improvement. This project aims to update three of them, more specific the Wavelet Spectrogram...