Free/open-source rule-based machine translation

Apertium is a free/open-source machine translation platform, initially aimed at related-language pairs (such as Spanish–Catalan) but which has been expanded to deal with more divergent language pairs (such as English–Catalan and even Basque→English). The platform provides

  • a language-independent machine translation engine
  • tools to manage the linguistic data necessary to build a machine translation system for a given language pair and
  • linguistic data for a growing number of languages and language pairs
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  • c++
  • xml
  • python
  • nlp


  • Other
  • natural language processing
  • machine translation
  • lesser-resourced languages
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Apertium 2017 Projects

  • Marc Riera Irigoyen
    Adopting English-Catalan language pair to bring it close to state-of-the-art quality
    Apertium currently has an English-Catalan language pair in trunk, but there is a lot of room for improvement. One of the existing problems is the use...
  • Vinay Singh
    Automatic blank handeling
    Our current handling of formatting/markup (HTML, odt, docx, latex) is brittle, requiring transfer rules to explicitly deal with blanks (e.g. markup),...
  • Vasilisa Andriyanets
    Chukchi morphological analyser using HFST
    Chukchi is a language with rich and complicated morphology and incorporation. By now morphological parsers using regular expressions were not able to...
  • Memduh Gökırmak
    Crimean Tatar-Turkish MT
    Creating a new rule based translation pair between Crimean Tatar and Turkish. This involves disambiguation, transfer and lexical selection.
  • lylax47
    Development of the Czech to Russian Language Pair
    I plan to assist in the development of the Czech to Russian language pair in order to bring the Czech to Russian translation capabilities to release...
  • Irene Tang
    Discontiguous Multiwords
    Discontiguous multiwords are multi-word expressions that are separated by something in the middle (e.g. "take the garbage out") . Apertium currently...
  • Anna Kondratjeva
    Implementing a shallow syntactic function labeller
    In many pairs it is useful to know in addition to the morphological tags of a word, syntactic function tags in order to make an adequate translation....
  • mono
    Improvements to the Apertium Website Interface
    Apertium is a free/open-source platform for rule-based machine translation and language technology which is aimed providing support for...
  • maryszmary
    The aim of my project is to create an easy-to-use, quick and interactive interface tool for UD annotation based on the existing Apertium project. The...
  • Gianfranco Fronteddu
    “Proposal apertium cat-srd and ita-srd”
    Catalan to Sardinian (apertium-cat-srd): The project has already started and currently the bidix is in the Staging section. The Catalan language is...