Research on Multimodal Communication

Red Hen Lab is a distributed consortium of researchers in multimodal communication, with participants all over the world. We are senior professors at major research universities, senior developers in technology corporations, and also junior professors, postdoctoral students, graduate students, undergraduate students, and even a few advanced high school students. Red Hen develops code in Natural Language Processing, audio parsing, computer vision, and joint multimodal analysis. For GSoC 2015, our focus was audio parsing. For GSoC 2016, our focus was multimodal machine learning. For GSoC 2017, we invite proposals from students for components for a unified multimodal processing pipeline, whose aim is to extract information from text, audio, and video, and to develop integrative cross-modal feature detection tasks. Red Hen Lab is directed jointly by Francis Steen (UCLA) and Mark Turner (Case Western Reserve University).

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  • high performance computing
  • machine learning
  • opencv
  • audio processing
  • multimodal analysis


  • Science and Medicine
  • natural language processing
  • co-speech gesture
  • big data visualization
  • deep learning
  • multimedia
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Red Hen Lab 2017 Projects

  • Karolina Stosio
    Audio embedding space in a MultiTask architecture
    Auditory stimuli like music, radio recordings, movie soundtracks or the regular speech are widely used in research. While it is easy for a human to...
  • Divesh Pandey
    Audio Visual Speech Recognition System based on Deep Speech
    Current Red Hen Lab’s Audio Pipeline can be extended to support speech recognition. This project proposes the development of a deep neural-net speech...
  • littleowen
    Large-scale Speaker Recognition System for CNN News
    This project aims to build a large-scale speaker recognition system for tagging speakers in CNN news recordings upon the existing Red Hen audio...
  • Ganesh Srinivas
    Learning Embeddings for Laughter Categorization
    I propose to train a deep neural network to discriminate between various kinds of laughter (giggle, snicker, etc.) A convolutional neural network can...
  • Prannoy Mupparaju
    Multilingual Corpus Pipeline
    This project aims to build a pipeline for a searchable corpus on multiple languages. We will be using NewsScape data for the project and tools like...
  • skrish13
    Multimodal Emotion Detection on Videos using CNN-RNN, 3D Convolutions and Audio features
    This is a deep learning approach which uses both image and audio modality from the videos to detect emotion and characterize it. It uses a...
  • donghun lee
    Multimodal television show segmentation
    I aim to build a general system that detects natural boundaries of TV shows. This task has long been under the realm of manual approach by skilled...
  • ahaldar
    Neural Network Models to Study Framing and Echo Chambers in News
    An interesting study is to construct a model of the media representations of the world, considering features from social discourse such as crime,...
  • Nayeem Aquib
    Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Data
    Whilst crime in general has been falling for decades, hate crime has gone in the other direction. Especially after the US election 2016, it has risen...