Making Space Together

We are, a small team of space makers solving space problems together with KSat-Stuttgart e.V. and the Cosmic Dust Team.

In 2011, we started as a student group at the University of Stuttgart to provide massive computing power with our distributed computting platform Constellation to everyone needing it for space simulations. Over time, we attracted international young professionals of the space industry and the local maker community and thus becoming a full fletched citizen science project.

We are a community project of several Projects working of different Teams in Stuttgart and globally. Together with the small satellite Team KSat-Stuttgart e.V., the Distributed Ground Station Network Team at the Institute for Photogrammetry and the Cosmic Dust Team of the Institute for Space Systems at University of Stuttgart, we are working on the rover mission ROACH crawling for maintenance reasons on the outer hull of a sounding rocket while coasting in near space, tracking cubesats faster than US NORAD and simulating cometary dust particles for the IMEX project of the European Space Agency (ESA).

We are a small organization but having impact within out space community and helping realizing space Exploration by creativity and open access. We are open for everybody interested in space for the betterment of everybody.

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  • python
  • c/c++
  • vhdl
  • boinc


  • Science and Medicine
  • cubesats
  • space applications
  • software defined radio
  • distributed computing
  • simulations
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  • Alexandros Kazantzidis
    Lone Pseudoranger: orbit position data analysis and interpolation (3d)
    The project is mainly focused on data analysis for 3d position data of satellite orbits. My work is to receive as an input a huge amount of...
  • vstarlinger
    Multi Purpose Ground Station
    Iridium is a satellite communication system, previously mainly used for satellite phone calls and remote control and tracking of scientific...
  • Nilesh Chaturvedi
    Orbit Position Data Analysis and Interpolation
    This project is directed towards obtaining the Keplerian orbit parameters from the jittery position vector obtained by de-noising and interpolating...
  • Jay Krishna
    SiqNAL: Fast CubeSat tracking using IQ stream data
    This project aims to provide a reliable open-sourced cubesats tracking following different mechanisms and protocols for transmitting signals that too...
  • Victor Hertel
    Universal Space Operations Center
    The Universal Space Operations Center, USOC, is an open-source tool that allows a simple and easy creation of a working groundstation to aid space...
  • sidkothiyal
    VisMa – A visual equation solver
    VisMa aims to make math simpler for all who are afraid of mathematics. Once the numbers are eliminated from an equation, people fear dealing with...