OpenStreetMap - Creating and distributing free geographic data for the world.

OpenStreetMap is a project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world. The data is collected by volunteers around the globe largely from scratch and released with an open-content license. We allow free access to our map images and all of its underlying map data. We aim to promote new and interesting uses of our data which makes the project's uses, and the possible Google Summer of Code projects, very diverse.

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  • postgis
  • java
  • ruby
  • javascript


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OpenStreetMap 2017 Projects

  • Pedro Amaro
    3D Model Repository for OpenStreetMap
    This proposal consists of the implementation of a 3D model repository for OpenStreetMap, improving upon the basic system offered by the Simple 3D...
  • bafonins
    [JOSM] UI enhancements and Main menu refactoring
    JOSM is a great editor for OpenStreenMap. It provides a rich set of functionality to allow its users a fluent way of managing data. Currently, some...
  • Giacomo Servadei
    Enhancement of the pt_assistant plugin
    During last year's GSoC, the pt_assistant plugin has been developed by Darya Golovko. My goal is to further develop the plugin making small fixes and...
  • Fanny Monori
    libosmscout: Implementation of an opengl renderer
    Currently there exists a great variety of OSM map rendering libraries, but a fast offline OpenGL based library is needed. libosmscout offers offline...
  • dkocich
    Public transport - Web editor for public transport routes
    This is the proposal for the project idea shared on OSM wiki page