• JingPiao Chen

    "Netlink socket parsers" By Gabriel Laskar and Dmitry V. Levin, 2017
    Organization: strace
    Netlink is a network protocol that is used to communicate between the kernel and the userspace. For example, iproute use netlink in order to...
  • Tianyu Zhou

    2D Arrangement Demo Enhancement with New Geometric Curves
    Organization: The CGAL Project
    By playing around with the 2D Arrangement demo, users can have a visual and direct experience on what functionalities to expect from this module...
  • Harshit Patni

    2d Color Maps
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    All of the color mapping in Matplotlib is currently derived fromScalerMappable which as the name suggests maps scalers from R^1 ->R^4 RGBA color...
  • Pedro Amaro

    3D Model Repository for OpenStreetMap
    Organization: OpenStreetMap
    This proposal consists of the implementation of a 3D model repository for OpenStreetMap, improving upon the basic system offered by the Simple 3D...
  • Candan Eylül Kilsedar

    3D OSM Plugin API
    Organization: OSGeo
    The goal of this project is to create a plugin API to display OpenStreetMap (OSM) data on NASA Web WorldWind...
  • Ahmed Fathy

    [digikam] Project: Database export to remote network devices using DLNA/UPNP
    Organization: KDE
    Brief Explanation: In the past, Kipi-plugins provided a way to export KIPI host data to DLNA/UPNP by a plugin using HUpnp library for Qt. Since...
  • Shaza Ismail Kaoud

    [digiKam]: Healing clone tool for dust spots removal
    Organization: KDE
    Healing Clone Tool: A tool for image editor to be used for healing image stains with the use of another part of the image by coloring by the use of...
  • rootkea

    [GNU Wget] Design and implementation of statistics module
    Organization: The GNU Project
    At the end of the project, the following objectives should be met: host-based statistics are maintained and presented to user when asked to do so...
  • Didik Setiawan

    [GNU Wget] Design and Implementation of Test Suite Using Libmicrohttpd
    Organization: The GNU Project
    At the end of the project, the following objectives should be met: Wget2 will use Libmicrohttpd, a small but powerful C library of HTTP server code,...
  • Isuranga Perera

    [IS] WS-Trust Implementation for IS 6.0.0 using Apache CXF Library
    Organization: WSO2
    WS-Trust is a WS-* specification that provides extensions to the WS-Security specification. WS-Security provides the basic framework for message...
  • bafonins

    [JOSM] UI enhancements and Main menu refactoring
    Organization: OpenStreetMap
    JOSM is a great editor for OpenStreenMap. It provides a rich set of functionality to allow its users a fluent way of managing data. Currently, some...
  • Alexander Baselice

    A 3-D sidescroller game with physics based gameplay to show off the rendering and physics engine of PySoy
    Organization: Copyleft Games
    I propose developing a 3-D sidescroller with physics based gameplay to show off the rendering and physics engine of PySoy. The player has a crystal...
  • Miles Fertel

    A better Mergesort for FreeBSD
    Organization: FreeBSD
    The FreeBSD implementation of mergesort is fundamentally flawed in that it cannot sort data smaller than half of the size of a pointer. I aim to...
  • Daniel Calancea

    A ccache tool for managed languages
    Organization: Mono Project
    When you think about it ccache is a simple feature, however we shouldn't underestimate it's power. This tool is very handy for improving waiting time...
  • alexjiao

    A code formatter for Elixir
    Organization: Beam Community
    By leaving tedious formatting to the machine, code formatters provide a substantial increase in engineering productivity and a consistent style...
  • Moritz Luca Schmid

    A DAB/DAB+ transceiver app
    Organization: GNU Radio
    The project ”DAB/DAB+ transceiver app” aims to produce a DAB/DAB+ tranceiver app that is capable of the transmission and reception of audio and data...
  • Soumya Vadlamannati

    A Front End for the Search Appliance in Susper
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    Building a user- friendly UI for the search appliance in Susper, which has an existing Yacy-Grid back end. This project also aims to include many...
  • Lucas Koehler

    A Generic Editor Framework for JSON
    Organization: The Eclipse Foundation
    This proposal references the EMF Forms goes Angular JS idea in the Eclipse wiki. JSON has become a de-facto standard for data exchange in web...
  • Leah Chrestien

    A Medication for e-range anxiety.
    Organization: Green Navigation
    The primary purpose of this project is to encourage the use of electric cars by taking a giant step towards addressing the range anxiety problem...
  • Karan Desai

    A Model Zoo for Tiny-dnn
    Organization: OpenCV
    Tiny-dnn is a lightweight dependency free library. It is extremely easy to get your first boilerplate code running as it requires nearly no...
  • Tameesh Biswas

    A Module for client-side File encryption
    Organization: Drupal
    Objective : This project will involve building a complete module for Drupal 8 site to make it a zero-knowledge system using front-end JS encryption...
  • Kyle Kneitinger

    A New ZFS Boot Environment Management Library & Tool For FreeBSD
    Organization: FreeBSD
    The purpose of this project is to build a convenient framework for managing ZFS boot environments in FreeBSD. Currently, boot environments are...
  • Grigory Tantsevov

    A Procedural Watercolor Brush Engine for Krita
    Organization: KDE
    Watercolor is one of the most complex tools for imitation. The painting, painted with watercolors, depends to a large extent on the motion of the...
  • Zhehui Chen

    A stochastic variational inference framework for probabilistic modeling toolbox in R
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    Stochastic variational inference is a powerful tool for analyzing probabilistic models, especially for large scale problem. In this project, our goal...
  • Rishi Raj

    A SUSI Web Chat Application with advanced features for various SUSI skills.
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    The SUSI Web Chat App shall be implemented over the SUSI Server API with features supporting chat responses in the form of text, maps, images,...
  • Mykyta Holubakha

    A utility to manage packages in overlays
    Organization: Gentoo Foundation
    A utility is proposed to semi-automatically import ebuilds with deps from various sources (with subsequent management and updates) atomically to a...
  • udaytheja

    A Web Application making use of the SUSI.AI Server functionalities
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    To build a web application similar to the existing Android and iOS clients, making use of the functionalities of SUSI.AI Server. The web application...
  • Yiannis Simillides

    A Wrapper for the FEniCS Finite Element Toolbox
    Organization: The Julia Language
    We will create a wrapper for the FEniCS toolbox in Julia, using PyCall.jl , to allow Julia users direct access to the FEniCS functionality. This will...
  • Mustafa Özçelikörs

    A4MCAR: A Distributed and Parallel Demonstrator for Eclipse APP4MC
    Organization: The Eclipse Foundation
    Distributing software effectively to multi core, many core, and distributed systems has been studied for decades but still advances successively...
  • flyingrub

    about:telemetry redesign
    Organization: Mozilla
    about:telemetry is present on all builds of Firefox as a way for users to view the data being stored and sent via Telemetry. It was built before...
  • Mukesh Gupta

    Active Segmentation Toolbox for ImageJ
    Organization: INCF
    The major goal of this project is to Extend the work of making plugin which was developed in last year. This year we need to come up with some...
  • Jason Ge

    Active Set Based Second-order Algorithm for Sparse Learning
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    For sparse learning problems, such as sparse generalized linear models and sparse undirected graphical model estimation, the current R packages still...
  • João Dutra Bastos

    Adapt CGILua SAPI launcher to explore all WSAPI features.
    Organization: LabLua
    Project proposed by LabLua
  • Feroz Ahmad

    Add a "hierarchy" type to the Cargo extension
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    This project aims to introduce hierarchy fields in Cargo MediaWiki extension. This project will enhance the capability of MediaWiki by enabling...
  • singhpratyush

    Add Endpoints to Loklak API and Implement World Mood Tracker
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    Add stream and mood API to loklak server and build mood heatmap web app on it's top.
  • Alexey Kondratov

    Add errors handling and parallel execution to COPY
    Organization: PostgreSQL
    Using PostgreSQL (PG) on the daily basis for years I found that there are some use-cases when you need to load (e.g. for a further analytics) a bunch...
  • Mirage

    Add Event Listeners to Data Objects and Implement Vote Based Locking
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Gossip is a system which can be used to build a distributed peer-to-peer network using the gossip protocol. Currently Apache Gossip is under...
  • Vibhor Verma

    Add more harvester to loklak server
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    'LOKLAK SERVER' is a distributed message search server to anonymously collect, share, dump and index social media search results. CURRENTLY...

    Add MPTCP support in LEDE/OpenWRT trunk
    Organization: Freifunk
    Create an MPTCP supported OpenWRT/LEDE trunk and ensure its operation in a multipath Wi-Fi aggregation environment. The trunk should contain the...
  • Leonardo Taccari

    Add multi-packages support to pkgsrc
    Organization: The NetBSD Foundation
    Multi-packages support permits the generation of multiple binary packages from a single pkgsrc package. This feature is needed to generate...
  • Reuben Varghese

    Add Ons Enhancements
    Organization: OpenMRS
    This project aims at making certain changes to the existing OpenMRS Add Ons infrastructure thereby making it fit as a complete replacement for the...
  • Gurkirpal Singh

    Add OpenMAX state tracker in Mesa/Gallium that uses Tizonia
    Organization: X.Org Foundation
    Currently the OpenMAX state tracker in Mesa/Gallium uses. Bellagio has not been updated for a few years and only supports the OpenMAX IL 1.1...
  • Arpit Nandwani

    Add Python3 Support
    Organization: XBMC Foundation
    Kodi codebase is written in C++ which is dynamically converted to Python through SWIG and Groovy. In this project Python 3 support is to be added for...
  • psolanki

    Add Rating System in CritiqueBrainz
    Organization: MetaBrainz Foundation Inc.
    Rating facility is a fundamental part of any review system. So, the idea of the project is to add the rating feature to the present review system in...
  • Buddhi Ayesha

    Add SQL support
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Apache Gearpump is a real-time big data streaming engine. It is inspired by recent advances in the Akka framework and a desire to improve on existing...
  • Param Singh

    Add statistics and graphs to ListenBrainz
    Organization: MetaBrainz Foundation Inc.
    ListenBrainz has recently undergone a big overhaul and is now getting ready to stream its data to Google BigQuery for analysis and statistics...
  • Heshan Jayasinghe

    Add support for Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) for Eclipse RDF4J
    Organization: The Eclipse Foundation
    Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) is a data modelling language which is used to validate RDF graphs against a set of conditions.those conditions are...
  • Jie Weng

    Add support for usbdump file-format to wireshark
    Organization: FreeBSD
    The usbdump program is an useful tool for capturing USB traffics, but its output is not very convenient for further researching. Wireshark has a...
  • Sahil Arora

    Add support to CUPS-FILTERS for enabling conversion to and printing of PCLm files supported by IPP everywhere printers.
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    PCLm is a file format which is a light-weight subset of PDF which makes printing fast and efficient. It is streamable, i.e. can be printed page by...
  • Badshah

    Add vulnerabilities to Metasploitable3, reduce Bugs, work on enhancements and customisation feature
    Organization: Metasploit
    Not everyone could setup Metasploitable 3 with ease (as mentioned in Github issues: https://github.com/rapid7/metasploitable3/issues). This is...
  • Mohammed Huzaifa

    Adding 3D support
    Organization: VideoLAN
    I plan to add support for various 3D video formats to libVLC.
  • Sachin Patil

    Adding a new NoVNC console- CloudStack9778
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    The aim of this feature is to make it possible to connect to VM consoles using VNC client called NoVNC in browsers.noVNC is an HTML 5-based remote...
  • Rajat Shinde

    Adding Audio/Video and SOS input support in the MapMint4ME
    Organization: OSGeo
    MapMint4ME is an android application which allows its users to record alphanumeric data, photo and GPS locations. The data can be recorded even when...
  • Natasha Voake

    Adding CLTK Functionality for Old and Middle French
    Organization: Classical Language Toolkit
    Old and Middle French are hardly studied outside of a limited network of French universities. Implementing NLP functionality to these languages would...
  • Gautam Malu

    Adding CNN based classifiers and Detectors
    Organization: Open Detection
    Adding CNN based classifiers and dectors to the OpenDetection framework. This requires implementation of training methods and detection methods for...
  • Harkirat Singh

    Adding Collaboration Features to Thimble
    Organization: Mozilla
    The audience of Thimble largely consists of teachers, educators and students. One of the most requested feature in thimble is collaboration. Right...
  • Harjot Singh Bhatia

    Adding custom features while Upgrading and updating Quiz extension
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    Quiz extension is currently used on several WMF projects, such as Wikiversity but has lot of bugs and limited features for users.The project aims to...
  • Emilios Theofanou

    Adding Greek support for the Open Source Font “Eczar”
    Organization: Open Technologies Alliance - GFOSS
    I would like to contribute by adding Greek support for Eczar, including polytonic, for all 5 weights. Eczar is designed by Vaibhav Singh, produced by...
  • umeshksingla

    Adding migrate action to port command
    Organization: The MacPorts Project
    A MacPorts installation is designed to work with a particular OS and a particular hardware architecture. After major system changes like an OS...
  • Vikram Nitin

    Adding more types of Convolution Operations
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The convolution operation is a core part of the Theano code base. Several variants of the basic convolution operation exist, and more are always...
  • Saumo Pal

    Adding more voting algorithms to Agora
    Organization: AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
    The project deals with addition of voting algorithms to Agora, providing comprehensive tests, refactoring the code base and providing documentation....
  • Mengchi Zhang

    Adding MPI support to GeNN
    Organization: INCF
    This proposal is for adding MPI support to GeNN. GeNN is known as a GPU-enhanced Neuronal Network simulation environment based on code generation for...
  • Kumar Shashwat

    Adding new functionalities to the Android app
    Organization: Amahi
    The android version of Amahi works well. For Summer of Code’ 17, I will mainly be focusing on adding the following functionalities to the app: ...
  • Pradyun Gedam

    Adding Proper Dependency Resolution to pip
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    pip does not resolve dependencies correctly when there are conflicting requirements. The lack of dependency resolution has caused hard-to-diagnose...
  • Manvendra Singh

    Adding Python 3 compatibility and improving mypy support for cwltool
    Organization: Open Bioinformatics Foundation
    The goal of this proposal is to enhance support and usability of cwltool by: Adding Python 3 compatibility to CWL Tool, Schema Salad and CWL Test...
  • Fábián Kristóf

    Adding support for plotting of real-time data in LabPlot
    Organization: KDE
    Currently LabPlot supports only the import of static data into one of its data containers, the aim of this project is to add support for real-time...
  • Raghav Jajodia

    Adding support for PSIMI-TAB format to the Disease Variant Impact (DV-IMPACT) Database
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    The goal of the project would be to add support for PSIMI-TAB format to the admin tools of the DV-IMPACT database and allow the upload and download...
  • Himanshu Dixit

    Adding support for Theleague oauth and new implementers for social auth and social post
    Organization: Drupal
    Theleague is Oauth2.0 client library allows integration with any OAuth provider that conforms to the OAuth 2.0 standard, theleague provide a...
  • Ewald Hew

    Adding support for Type 1 fonts to Adobe CFF Engine
    Organization: The FreeType Project
    Thanks to Adobe's contribution of their CFF engine, FreeType has excellent rasterization of CFF fonts. However, Type 1 fonts, a similar PostScript...
  • abhidas17695

    Addition of advanced features to the existing Google Chrome extension of the Wayback Machine
    Organization: Internet Archive
    The 5 advanced features added to the Chrome extension of the Wayback Machine are focused on users who wish to research the history of the web . The...
  • Parthvi Vala

    Additional Login Options
    Organization: Cadasta
    Additional Login Options focuses on providing more than one ways to login to a user account on Cadasta platform. The main goals of this Project are...
  • Wang Leng Tan

    Organization: TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore
    Adding new features to addressbook so that it can be more useful for CS2103T students morphing it for their own project.
  • Yunyu Lin

    Administration Console for Vert.x Applications
    Organization: Eclipse Vert.x
    Eclipse Vert.x is a toolkit for the Java Virtual Machine enabling the implementation of reactive, highly concurrent, polyglot applications. The goal...
  • Marc Riera Irigoyen

    Adopting English-Catalan language pair to bring it close to state-of-the-art quality
    Organization: Apertium
    Apertium currently has an English-Catalan language pair in trunk, but there is a lot of room for improvement. One of the existing problems is the use...
  • Jakub Macina

    Advanced search enhancements & Autospec gem
    Organization: Discourse
    The project proposes new filters to advanced search and extraction of the rake task for running unit tests into a separate gem. Advanced search...
  • Nikolay Marchuk

    Advanced syscall filtering syntax
    Organization: strace
    Current strace filtering syntax allows to debug simple applications. But it has no support for advanced filtering. For example, it is impossible to...
  • Edgar Kaziakhmedov

    Advanced syscall information tool
    Organization: strace
    Everyone accepts that strace is one the most useful program for developers. And to make the output more understandable, I want to improve the...
  • Viktor Krapivenskiy

    Advanced syscall tampering and filtering with Lua/LuaJIT
    Organization: strace
    A support for Lua-scriptable syscall tampering and filtering will be added. It will be possible to inspect syscall arguments (including...
  • Myroslava Romaniuk

    Advancing in Pharo Code Quality Support
    Organization: Pharo Consortium
    Pharo and Smalltalk in general always encouraged a good quality of code [Kent Beck “Smalltalk with style”; Refectoring Browser; SmallLint;...
  • Chindhanai Uthaisaad

    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    The project plan represents a very significant step forward for the factorAnalytics package by adding advanced methods to the fundamental factor...
  • Jakub Senko

    Advertisement management extension
    Organization: phpBB Forum Software
    The ability to easily handle advertisements in phpBB is often requested. Latest pool for next official extension results in Advertisement Management...
  • Edoardo Putti

    AirOS backend for OpenWISP2
    Organization: OpenWISP
    This project will extend the capability of the netjson-config utility by adding support for the AirOS firmware. AirOS is the base firmware for...
  • Pranjal Kumar Rai

    Algorithm improvements to KD-Tree module: applications to ICP
    Organization: Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT)
    Nanoflann is a C++ library provided by MRPT for building KD-Trees. The library is a fork of the widely-used FLANN C++ library and is mostly optimized...
  • Saksham Gupta

    Aligning Faces Using OpenCV
    Organization: Portland State University
    Aim of the project is to implement the state of the art technique on Face Alignment i.e. "One Millisecond Face Alignment with an Ensemble of...
  • Akshay Sharma

    An Artificial Neural Network Differential Equation solver for Julia
    Organization: The Julia Language
    The purpose of this project is to develop a flexible library of NN solvers (NeuralNetDiffEq.jl) which are able to utilize parallelization, and plugs...
  • Chashmeet Singh

    An iOS app making use of the SUSI.AI Server functionalities
    Organization: FOSSASIA
    The main aim of this project was to develop an iOS app on top of the SUSI.AI Server functionalities. The server makes use of different skills which...
  • Dimitra

    Analysis of Scalable Solutions for UPS database with Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and HBase
    Organization: JBoss Community
    The Unified Push Server Database is currently based on MySQL/PostgreSQL, and the data is all stored in one schema. Database updates are handled by a...
  • Arpan Banerjee

    Anatomy System and Genome integrations
    Organization: MovingBlocks
    Currently, Terasology has a simple HP bar for a character's health and no anatomy. This project aims to add anatomical body parts (like head, arms,...
  • Chirag Maheshwari

    Android App (Amahi Anywhere) Improvements
    Organization: Amahi
    The main goal of my project is to implement more advanced features and bring more functionality to the android app. It includes adding features like...
  • Tarun Mudgal

    Android Field Officer v4
    Organization: Mifos Initiative
    The current android app (v3) for Bank Staff Officers has several features. However, there is a vast scope of improvements and feature enhancements...
  • Ziyue Yang

    Android Sandbox Detection and Countermeasure Proposal
    Organization: The Honeynet Project
    Many Android apps are using sandbox-detection techniques, and here is an example. To make things worse, there are malware using the sandbox-detection...
  • Gopala (gkrishnan724)

    AngularJS Web App Enhancements
    Organization: Mifos Initiative
    The community-app (AngularJS Web app) is the standard application which is built on top of the Fineract platform and provides all the core...
  • Courage Angeh

    AngularJS Web App Enhancements
    Organization: Mifos Initiative
    The AngularJS Community App is the standard application on the Mifos X distribution that provides all the core functionalities for the most common...
  • Faizan Khan

    Animated Interactive Plots (animint)
    Organization: R project for statistical computing
    animint package in R allows animated data visualization which is a useful tool for obtaining an intuitive understanding of patterns in multivariate...
  • gabbar1947

    Annotations: Implement support for 2D annotations, labels that can be added to geometry
    Organization: BRL-CAD
    The aim of the project is to enhance the representation of the wire frame views by adding annotations to the sketch.
  • iry

    Organization: Tor
    The anon-connection-wizard is a Python-clone of the Tor Launcher which aims at providing Tor users with a graphical instruction on configuring the...
  • Nipun Thathsara

    Anonymous Patient Registration Project
    Organization: OpenMRS
    Hospitals often encounter with patients delivered while in unconscious. These patient are registered and treated as unknown patients and later...
  • Mariana Nave

    antiSMASH Migration to Template System
    Organization: Open Bioinformatics Foundation
    antiSMASH, a python-based tool to mine micro-organisms genomes, currently uses pyQuery to generate static HTML pages. Consequently, several...
  • Erandi Ganepola

    Apache -VXQUERY-180 (RESTful API)
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    Apache VXQuery uses Hyracks and Algebricks open-source frameworks and provides a standards compliant XML Query processor implemented in Java to...
  • Nikhil Pawar

    Apache Fineract Credit Bureau Integration phase 2
    Organization: Apache Software Foundation
    During Phase 1 of Credit Bureau Integration project, the focus was on Credit Bureaus from India region. Initial modifications were done in Loan and...
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