ChemClipse is program for processing mass spectra and chromatograms. Chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques are widely used tools for life sciences, forensics as well as for quality control issues. ChemClipse is based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). ChemClipse offers tools for PCA (principal component analysis). PCA is statistical method used for reducing the number of variables and to find dependent groups of samples. Chromatograms which are processed by PCA can be easily compared then.

Tools which are already included in ChemClipse program offer the following functionality for the data evaluation via PCA: loading of data from ocb files,processing of those data and visualization of results

Results can be displayed in a peak intensity table editor, two-dimensional plot or a chart which compares error residues.

My main goal is to make this process more user friendly, intuitively and to add new ways to display results. I also want to improve a stability and performance.



Jan Holy


  • Philip Wenig