Plinth is a web interface to administer the functions of the FreedomBox which is a Debian based project, and the main goal of this idea is to make it available for Fedora.

To solve this issue, I made up a scenario in this proposal, it can be divided roughly into two parts. The first one is modifying the source code module by module to convert it to RPM-based, including replacing the apt command code with the dnf command code or fit both of them, changing the Deb-based packages into RPM-based packages which play the same roles and testing after each module finished. The second part is a little scattered, including making a RPM package for Plinth and setting up a repo for it in Copr, testing inside a Virtual Machine, and modifying some configuration files and the documents for users to fit the changes of Plinth during this project, at the same time, a new wiki page for Plinth in Fedora is needed.



Mandy Wang


  • Tong Hui