Lua is a powerful, efficient, lightweight and dynamically typed scripting language supporting a variety of different programming paradigms. Typed Lua extends Lua with an optional type system allowing the use of both static and dynamic typing in the same code base, while preserving existing Lua run-time semantics. It achieves that by introducing optional type annotations and applying local type inference. This richer type system not only enforces stronger program behavior guarantees, but also facilitates the development of more powerful developer tools.

Programmers nowadays expect that their editors/IDEs suggest accurate completion candidates, perform asynchronous - as you type - error checking and support type queries such as "go to definition" or "find all references".

The main goal of the project is to add such features for Typed Lua in a wide range of popular editors. Furthermore, it shall be investigated how a modern, asynchronous editor plugin architecture could be designed.



Marc André Tanner


  • Fabio Mascarenhas