The JavaParser plays a significant role in the functioning of the StubParser project. The StubParser (sub-project of the Checker Framework) is the tool that is designed to parse stub files with AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) generation and visitor pattern support. Stub files are a way to describe the specification of a library. They could be Java classes or have method bodies that may be skipped for brevity. The project was created by modifying and extending the JavaParser v.1.0.7 several years ago. Hence StubParser is missing a number of Java 6, 7, and 8 features.

The goal of the "Update to the newer version of JavaParser" project is creating a new version of the stub parser that is based on the latest version of JavaParser tool which is 3.1.4.



Bohdan Sharipov


  • Suzanne Millstein
  • Michael Ernst