Hello! Eventually it happened! I am happy to present you my final version of proposal. I have worked on it for last 2 weeks. I did all I could to make it interesting, informative and just nice. So, I hope you will enjoy :)

The project I am proposing is just fun. There is everything I like: a lot of qualitative Python code, interesting asynchrony, interaction with network protocols. I have to implement Imap capability, convert the project to Python 3 and implement some auth mechanisms for other protocols. By the end of each month I'll finish one task. 1st month - imap capability, 2nd - porting on Python 3, 3rd - auth mechanisms implementation.

I hope my summer work will help Heralding to make a step forward. Imap capability implementation will cause implementing other network capabilities, increasing the number of supported auth mechanisms will cause implementing more auth mechanisms and porting the project to Python 3 will attract new contributors for Heralding.

Prosperity to Heralding! Let's rock! :)





  • Daniel Haslinger
  • Johnny Vestergaard