Currently configuring coala on a new project is unnecessarily hard, especially for first time user. There are few reason for this.

New users are not always familiar with all the functionality provided by various tools inside coala. But, coala tries to provide a full set of options for those tools, which make configuration overwhelming. Finally, there is the possibility that the same type of checking could be executed by multiple tools, which makes choosing the right tools for a type of analysis hard.

This project will aim to implement aspect based configuration on coala. With aspect, we abstract the bear picking process with specifying list of aspect and coala will automatically choose the required bear to run.

aspect itself is a category of analysis that should be run over a code. Each aspect have a taste, which is a measurable metric on how a "correct" code should look like.

This project have 3 main milestone, which is:

  • Extend coala configuration files
  • Implement bear picking strategy
  • Documentation, depreciation old code, and integration testing.



Adhika Setya Pramudita


  • John Vandenberg
  • Steven Myint
  • userzimmermann